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  1. China limits smoking in films, TV shows (AP)
  2. Bo Derek to be quirky Austrian's Opera Ball date (AP)
  3. Andy Garcia tapped as Bacchus for Mardi Gras (AP)
  4. 9 designers and models vie for spot on Oscar stage (AP)
  5. Lindsay Lohan set to appear on Letterman's show (AP)
  6. Celebrities attend Pete Postlethwaite memorial (AP)
  7. 'Black Swan' continues its twirl overseas (AP)
  8. Oscar-nominated costumes on view at fashion museum (AP)
  9. Carlos Leon: I didn't ask Madonna for acting tips (AP)
  10. Box Office Preview: 'Momma,' 'No. 4' vie for No. 1 (AP)
  11. Box Office Preview: 'Momma,' 'No. 4' vie for No. 1 (AP)
  12. Film lays bare Mexico's broken justice system (AP)
  13. Elizabeth Taylor improving but still hospitalized (AP)
  14. Banksy welcome at Oscars, but will he show? (AP)
  15. Co-producer of 'Narnia' films dies at 39 in NYC (AP)
  16. Co-producer of 'Narnia' films dies at 39 in NYC (AP)
  17. Neeson's `Unknown' wins weekend with $21.8M debut (AP)
  18. Rihanna rocks celeb-studded NBA All-Star game (AP)
  19. Rihanna rocks celeb-studded NBA All-Star game (AP)
  20. Budget HK action-comedy is critical hit (AP)
  21. Colo adventurer goes on game show, attends Oscars (AP)
  22. Neeson's 'Unknown' leads long weekend with $25.5M (AP)
  23. Lena Horne's NYC apartment artifacts to be sold (AP)
  24. Global box office up 8 pct on 3-D, overseas (AP)
  25. Anne Hathaway trains for Catwoman, preps for Oscar (AP)
  26. Judge tells Lohan day of reckoning coming soon (AP)
  27. Catherine Zeta-Jones receives UK royal honor (AP)
  28. LA judge grants Sharon Stone restraining order (AP)
  29. 360-degree cameras to deepen online Oscar ogling (AP)
  30. Industry tried to get doc disqualified from Oscars (AP)
  31. Stars rock the Kodak at Oscar's music rehearsals (AP)
  32. Banksy, Franco's singing among Oscar mysteries (AP)
  33. Oscar winners' dilemma: To list or not to list? (AP)
  34. Oscar stars come to Kodak a day early to rehearse (AP)
  35. `King's Speech' poised for Oscar coronation? (AP)
  36. Stars' gowns danced down the Oscar red carpet (AP)
  37. Oscars go young and hip, with traditional results (AP)
  38. Preliminary Oscars ratings down for ABC (AP)
  39. Jane Russell, star of '40s and '50s films, dies (AP)
  40. Jane Russell, star of '40s and '50s films, dies (AP)
  41. Wallis Simpson's lingerie, handbags up for auction (AP)
  42. Review: Lizards and light dance in `Rango' (AP)
  43. 5 best movies made in 1988 (AP)
  44. Depp on Jolie: She's a 'shockingly great mother' (AP)
  45. Blake Lively credits mom for her fashion sense (AP)
  46. Zsa Zsa Gabor to be released from hospital Friday (AP)
  47. 'Hurt Locker' director seeks lawsuit's dismissal (AP)
  48. Fire rages through Mumbai slum (AP)
  49. Sean Penn says he'd welcome Sheen's help in Haiti (AP)
  50. Che's companion on noted '52 motorcycle trip dies (AP)
  51. Sean Penn thanks Venezuela's Chavez for Haiti aid (AP)
  52. Depp's `Rango' corrals $38M opening at box office (AP)
  53. Stormtrooper fight goes to Britain's Supreme Court (AP)
  54. International slate heads Tribeca Film Festival (AP)
  55. Case over Golden Globes rights headed to trial (AP)
  56. Emma Watson breaks studies to focus on acting (AP)
  57. Bigfoot filmmaker claims NH free speech violation (AP)
  58. 'Bigfoot' suit: NH is stomping on civil liberties (AP)
  59. Eluding classification is `Win Win' for McCarthy (AP)
  60. Julianne Moore set to play Sarah Palin in HBO film (AP)
  61. Source: Lohan won't accept plea deal Thursday (AP)
  62. Review: 'Riding Hood' an angsty take on fairy tale (AP)
  63. Lohan leaves court with new offer from judge (AP)
  64. 'Limitless'? Not Hollywood, says Robert De Niro (AP)
  65. Source Code sci-fi thriller premieres at SXSW (AP)
  66. Source Code sci-fi thriller premieres at SXSW (AP)
  67. O'Brien attends premiere of post-Tonight Show doc (AP)
  68. Celebs ask Obama to come out for same-sex marriage (AP)
  69. Ghostbusters lives on through comics, video games (AP)
  70. Sundance Film Festival comes to London (AP)
  71. Husband says Zsa Zsa Gabor staying in bed at home (AP)
  72. Vet suing over 'Hurt Locker' says film hurt him (AP)
  73. Foster grateful for Gibson role in new movie (AP)
  74. Foster grateful for Gibson role in new movie (AP)
  75. Batman's 'butler' Michael Gough dies aged 94 (AP)
  76. Will Smith helps Philly school replace computers (AP)
  77. Chow to receive Asian Film Awards lifetime honor (AP)
  78. 5 favorite basketball movies (AP)
  79. Thornton hopes documentary will be lasting tribute (AP)
  80. `Limitless' tops box office with $19M (AP)
  81. Cameras roll on 'The Hobbit' films in New Zealand (AP)
  82. Filmmaker Wajda receives Poland's top distinction (AP)
  83. Anti-suicide Trevor Project to honor Radcliffe (AP)
  84. `Limitless' wins weekend with $18.9M debut (AP)
  85. 'Til Death Do Us Part' tackles AIDS in rural China (AP)
  86. Stars gather for launch of animated movie 'Rio' (AP)
  87. Elizabeth Taylor was prolific as a bride (AP)
  88. 'Battle L.A.' fights its way to No. 1 overseas (AP)
  89. Elizabeth Taylor: classic beauty in every sense (AP)
  90. Box Office Preview: Wimpy kid vs. some tough babes (AP)
  91. Liz Taylor buried in small ceremony at LA cemetery (AP)
  92. Radcliffe thanks Harry Potter for Broadway musical (AP)
  93. Scraps of Russian sub burn on Providence River (AP)
  94. LA names new school for teacher honored in film (AP)
  95. For those with autism, documentary offers new hope (AP)
  96. Reese Witherspoon weds agent beau in California (AP)
  97. TCM Classic Film Festival celebrates Kirk Douglas (AP)
  98. Taylor's unpublished love letters up for auction (AP)
  99. Helen Mirren makes impression in Hollywood (AP)
  100. 1950s screen idol Farley Granger dead at 85 (AP)
  101. Kim Cattrall glams down for gritty indie role (AP)
  102. Lindsay Lohan won't be charged for rehab scuffle (AP)
  103. Review: `Insidious' mixes shocks and laughs (AP)
  104. NJ prosecutors can seek ID in 'Melrose' star crash (AP)
  105. Diaz lowers school standards with 'Bad Teacher' (AP)
  106. Cameron aims for speed to enrich 'Avatar 2' images (AP)
  107. Box Office Preview: 'Hop' likely hare to top spot (AP)
  108. Marsden's kids don't like seeing dad on screen (AP)
  109. AP Source: Travolta to play Gotti in biopic (AP)
  110. Oregon lawmakers advance film subsidy extension (AP)
  111. Black, Fergie prep for Kids' Choice Awards slime (AP)
  112. Johnny Depp picks up Kids' Choice Award (AP)
  113. Charlie Sheen show sputters in Motor City (AP)
  114. What is the Weather Report??
  115. 'Hop' skips to box-office lead with $38.1M debut (AP)
  116. Sheen takes Chicago stage after Detroit failure (AP)
  117. Sheen does better in Chicago after Detroit failure (AP)
  118. Scratch-off: Do you play the same squares?
  119. Steve Rogers to don Captain America suit again (AP)
  120. 'Hop' jumps to No. 1 spot with $37.5M debut (AP)
  121. Review: 'Your Highness' drowns in lowbrow humor (AP)
  122. Third 'Dark Knight' to film in Pittsburgh (AP)
  123. Jason Winer goes from `Modern Family' to `Arthur' (AP)
  124. Review: `Soul Surfer' waters down shark attack (AP)
  125. 'Sucker Punch' delivers solid jab overseas (AP)
  126. `Soul Surfer' tells story of shark attack survivor (AP)
  127. Box Office Preview: 'Hop' on top again (AP)
  128. 5 best Cate Blanchett performances (AP)
  129. Tyler Perry gives Georgia family a new home (AP)
  130. Lumet, '12 Angry Men' and 'Network' director, dies (AP)
  131. US filmmaking great Sidney Lumet dies in NY at 86 (AP)
  132. Famed tenor delivers high Cs _ and baby _ in NYC (AP)
  133. Brand doubles up as 'Hop,' 'Arthur' lead weekend (AP)
  134. What's in your childrens Easter Baskets???
  135. 'Infernal Affairs' director tries hand at romance (AP)
  136. Celeb birthdays for the week of April 17-23 (AP)
  137. `Rio' dances on the sand, soars through the sky (AP)
  138. Food Help Again!
  139. Thailand tries tax breaks to lure foreign filming (AP)
  140. Review: `The Conspirator' is stately to a fault (AP)
  141. Thurman stalker due in court in new NYC case (AP)
  142. Brazil to promote tourism with release of 'Rio' (AP)
  143. International audiences flock to 'Rio!' (AP)
  144. Russell Brand says Helen Mirren wanted no respect (AP)
  145. Brooke Shields to speak at Princeton's Class Day (AP)
  146. 5 best Sidney Lumet movies (AP)
  147. Kitty Kelley updates Elizabeth Taylor bio (AP)
  148. Capsule reviews: `Scream 4,' `Rio' (AP)
  149. Correction: Sidney Lumet obituary (AP)
  150. Actor Nicolas Cage arrested in New Orleans (AP)
  151. Actor Nicolas Cage arrested in New Orleans (AP)
  152. Gordon-Levitt in new sci-fi film after 'Inception' (AP)
  153. Action comedy 'Gallants' named HK best film (AP)
  154. NY opera awards show features Broadway stars (AP)
  155. NY opera awards show features Broadway stars (AP)
  156. Harvard twins appeal Facebook settlement ruling (AP)
  157. Fans flock to 'Rio' as family film opens to $39.2M (AP)
  158. Jeff Bridges preps new album with T Bone Burnett (AP)
  159. Review: `Meek's Cutoff' a mesmerizing journey (AP)
  160. 3-D erotic comedy shakes up Hong Kong box office (AP)
  161. Pattinson sinks his teeth into vampire-free drama (AP)
  162. 'Restrepo' director Hetherington killed in Libya (AP)
  163. Opening notes for Tribeca, courtesy of Elton John (AP)
  164. Capsule reviews: `Water for Elephants,' others (AP)
  165. 5 most memorable movie cats (AP)
  166. Lohan due in court for key hearing in theft case (AP)
  167. Lohan at LA court hearing that could end with jail (AP)
  168. Donnie Yen tackles iconic Three Kingdoms general (AP)
  169. Lohan quickly released from jail in theft case (AP)
  170. Potter star Emma Watson to transfer from Brown (AP)
  171. Classic Hong Kong ghost film remade 24 years later (AP)
  172. Classic Hong Kong ghost film remade 24 years later (AP)
  173. 'Rio' speaks louder than 'Madea,' repeats at No. 1 (AP)
  174. Brian Williams, De Niro square off at Tribeca (AP)
  175. Mexican actress to be sentenced in marriage case (AP)
  176. Musicians clamor for answers from Philly Orchestra (AP)
  177. Gwyneth Paltrow poses for new Coach ads (AP)
  178. Review: Herzog's `Cave' both awesome and immediate (AP)
  179. Review: Earnestness of `Prom' grows on you (AP)
  180. Star magazine apologizes, settles Holmes lawsuit (AP)
  181. 'Rio' stays perched atop foreign box office chart (AP)
  182. Ben Stiller on stage returns to familiar play (AP)
  183. Golden Globes pick mid-January date for award show (AP)
  184. `She Monkeys,' `Bombay Beach' win Tribeca honors (AP)
  185. Teen's film looks at 9/11 through youths' memories (AP)
  186. AP Source: Lohan wants to end necklace theft case (AP)
  187. AP Source: Lohan wants to end necklace theft case (AP)
  188. `Bombay Beach,' `The Guard' highlight Tribeca (AP)
  189. Sheen to donate $20,000 to Giants fan beaten in LA (AP)
  190. 'Sex and Zen' powers ahead at box office (AP)
  191. Officials try to ID body in home of ex-Playmate (AP)
  192. Officials try to ID body in home of 1959 Playmate (AP)
  193. Review: Say `I don't' to `Something Borrowed' (AP)
  194. Dancer-turned-actor Kwok is focus in 2 May movies (AP)
  195. Calling all Dog Lovers!
  196. Jackie Cooper, former child star, dies at 88 (AP)
  197. $80K motorbike stolen in US found in Philippines (AP)
  198. Cary Grant's daughter Jennifer writes memoir (AP)
  199. Supplier of celeb latex costumes sues competitor (AP)
  200. Illinois house featured in 'Home Alone' for sale (AP)
  201. For Andrews, life after Edwards is 'a struggle' (AP)
  202. Cannes to show movies by convicted Iranians (AP)
  203. Venice Film Festival to honor Bellocchio (AP)
  204. `Thor' hammers competition with $66M opening (AP)
  205. In diverse projects, Ferrell finds a new chapter (AP)
  206. Schwarzenegger, Shriver announce separation (AP)
  207. Pacino plays mentor to 'Dapper Don' in Gotti film (AP)
  208. Schwarzenegger, Shriver separating after 25 years (AP)
  209. Schwarzenegger thanks family, friends for support (AP)
  210. Black recalls Jolie's surprise pregnancy present (AP)
  211. Lindsay Lohan says she's glad theft case resolved (AP)
  212. Hugh Grant weighed as Charlie Sheen TV replacement (AP)
  213. Will Smith's trailer hits road amid NY complaints (AP)
  214. Schwarzenegger sheds old life as he plots return (AP)
  215. Cannes party honors women in independent film (AP)
  216. Rockstar Games' 'L.A. Noire' magnifies game acting (AP)
  217. Moretti's Cannes film a wry look at the Vatican (AP)
  218. Swinton talks blood, birth and tomatoes in Cannes (AP)
  219. AP Interview: Alain Ducasse cooks for Cannes stars (AP)
  220. Cattrall, 'Kids Are All Right' win GLAAD awards (AP)
  221. Cannes pays homage riotous homage to Bollywood (AP)
  222. 'Thor' hammers 'Bridesmaids' at box office (AP)
  223. Pioneering CBS Newsman Joseph Wershba dies at 90 (AP)
  224. 'Thor' nails top box office spot (AP)
  225. Report: Carla Bruni-Sarkozy expecting baby (AP)
  226. Gibson adds voice to Foster, 'Beaver' at Cannes (AP)
  227. Shriver: It's a 'painful and heartbreaking time' (AP)
  228. Revelations could tarnish Schwarzenegger's legacy (AP)
  229. Von Trier stirs up Cannes with Hitler, Nazi quips (AP)
  230. Box Office Preview: 'Pirates' to set sail a winner (AP)
  231. Schwarzenegger puts acting career on hold (AP)
  232. Schwarzenegger puts acting career on hold (AP)
  233. Cannes' look into Iran via 2 clandestine films (AP)
  234. Schwarzenegger's `The Governator' on hold (AP)
  235. Cannes contenders: Malick, Almodovar, silent film (AP)
  236. Schwarzenegger revamps his image once again (AP)
  237. Prolific Almodovar, reclusive Malick vie at Cannes (AP)
  238. Malick's 'Tree of Life' wins top Cannes fest honor (AP)
  239. Songwriter Brooks apparently kills himself in NYC (AP)
  240. US director Malick sidesteps Cannes fest spotlight (AP)
  241. Jolie kids love adoption themes in `Kung Fu Panda' (AP)
  242. Woman named in Schwarzenegger affair hires lawyer (AP)
  243. Woman named in Schwarzenegger affair hires lawyer (AP)
  244. Iran slams Cannes for Von Trier Nazi ban (AP)
  245. Housekeeper's estranged husband speaks out (AP)
  246. Housekeeper's estranged husband speaks out (AP)
  247. Panel denies Hanks claim in Ketchum home dispute (AP)
  248. Hong Kong 3-D erotic comedy to screen in NAmerica (AP)
  249. Tang's role in Chinese propaganda film in doubt (AP)
  250. Box Office Preview: A $100-million-plus 'Hangover' (AP)