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  1. China wants to ban several types of movie content (AP)
  2. 'The Artist' speaks up with 6 noms to lead Globes (AP)
  3. MTV names Katy Perry its 1st artist of the year (AP)
  4. 'Batman' star Bale tries to visit China activist (AP)
  5. World's shortest woman wants to be Bollywood star (AP)
  6. Film details Jerry Lewis' 'Method to the Madness' (AP)
  7. Oscar academy plans outdoor theater in Hollywood (AP)
  8. NFL launches player program on movie industry (AP)
  9. Lange, Shepard separate after nearly 30 years (AP)
  10. NY man gets 1 year in prison for 'X-Men' piracy (AP)
  11. Gerard Butler rescued at big-wave surfing spot (AP)
  12. Review: As director, Jolie shows heavy hand (AP)
  13. China says Christian Bale should feel embarrassed (AP)
  14. Capsule reviews of `War Horse,' other new films (AP)
  15. Hollywood dialect coach Robert Easton dies at 81 (AP)
  16. 5 movies that may not seem like Christmas movies (AP)
  17. Nun famous for kissing Elvis prays for miracle (AP)
  18. LA's 'Wonderful Life' Day honors Frank Capra film (AP)
  19. So What Did You Get for Christmas???
  20. Cruise's 'Mission' accomplishes box-office win (AP)
  21. Oscar voters: Your ballots are in the mail (AP)
  22. List of 25 films chosen for Nat'l Registry (AP)
  23. Cheetah the chimp from 1930s Tarzan flicks dies (AP)
  24. To land Lisbeth, Rooney Mara needed her toughness (AP)
  25. 5 favorite Meryl Streep performances (AP)
  26. Box Office Preview: 'M:I4' to tower over others (AP)
  27. HK builder's investment in Legendary East on hold (AP)
  28. Deschanel, Gordon-Levitt post New Year's Eve duet (AP)
  29. APNewsBreak: Russell Brand, Katy Perry to divorce (AP)
  30. Myanmar artists test recent freedoms through film (AP)
  31. Cruise's 'Mission' stays on top with $31.3 million (AP)
  32. Cruise's 'Mission' maintains altitude with $38.3M (AP)
  33. Dakota Fanning lives a 19thC scandal in 'Effie' (AP)
  34. Review: `Separation' subtly nudges notion of truth (AP)
  35. NY-based grocery chain yanks Alec Baldwin TV ads (AP)
  36. NY grocery changes course on Alec Baldwin TV ads (AP)
  37. Actress Zooey Deschanel files for divorce in LA (AP)
  38. Probing what Hollywood told about bin Laden raid (AP)
  39. Developers of film recorder to receive Oscar (AP)
  40. Drew Barrymore engaged to Will Kopelman (AP)
  41. Actress who sued Amazon over age IDs herself (AP)
  42. 'Melancholia' picked best film by nat'l film group (AP)
  43. Critics pick 'Melancholia' as best film of 2011 (AP)
  44. 'Devil Inside' lifts Hollywood spirits with $34.5M (AP)
  45. 'Forrest Gump' actor Sinise to raise money for vet (AP)
  46. Kim Novak lashes out at 'The Artist' filmmakers (AP)
  47. French actress Denise Darcel dies at 87 (AP)
  48. 'Dark Knight,' 'Spidey,' 'Hobbit' lead 2012 films (AP)
  49. LA Times: No new evidence in Natalie Wood case (AP)
  50. Authorities: No new evidence in Natalie Wood case (AP)
  51. Sun shines again for Woody Allen after 'Midnight' (AP)
  52. Lincoln Center to honor Catherine Deneuve (AP)
  53. Perry, 'Potter' win big at People's Choice Awards (AP)
  54. Golden Globes get ball rolling toward Oscar night (AP)
  55. Pinterest group?
  56. Box Office Preview: Listen for 'Joyful Noise' (AP)
  57. 'Artist' wins 4 trophies at Critics' Choice Awards (AP)
  58. Apatow: No plans yet for 'Bridesmaids' sequel (AP)
  59. Gene Hackman OK after Fla. bicycle accident (AP)
  60. Golden Globe nominees warm up with rooftop party (AP)
  61. Wahlberg says he wants to meet reputed mob boss (AP)
  62. DiCaprio, Streep celebrate at pre-Globes tea party (AP)
  63. Jolie and Almodovar discuss future collaboration (AP)
  64. Partial list of winners for the Golden Globes (AP)
  65. Complete list of winners for the Golden Globes (AP)
  66. 'Contraband' takes weekend box office with $28.8M (AP)
  67. 'Artist,' 'Tinker Tailor' up for UK film awards (AP)
  68. Hollywood unions agree to merger plan (AP)
  69. Review: `Bala' gives tense look at border violence (AP)
  70. Sundance time: Indie film world gathers in Utah (AP)
  71. Capsule reviews of `Haywire,' other new releases (AP)
  72. YouTube plots 'Your Film Festival' for users (AP)
  73. Russell Brand to interview Ringo for Sirius XM (AP)
  74. 5 great movies about airplanes (AP)
  75. Christian Bale returns to China in new film (AP)
  76. Sundance for sale: Festival market is wide open (AP)
  77. Wealthy hit the skids in Sundance doc 'Versailles' (AP)
  78. Swag suites abound at the Sundance Film Festival (AP)
  79. Jackson: Film saved life of West Memphis 3 suspect (AP)
  80. Richard Gere attends his first Sundance Festival (AP)
  81. 'The Artist' silent but golden at producer awards (AP)
  82. `Underworld' sinks teeth into box office with $25M (AP)
  83. Sean Penn shares film's dream of ducking stardom (AP)
  84. `Underworld' slays the box office with $25.3M (AP)
  85. Oscar prospects span the century as noms near (AP)
  86. Scorsese's 'Hugo' leads Oscars with 11 nominations (AP)
  87. Analysis: Fresh faces help enliven nominations (AP)
  88. Actor James Farentino dies of heart failure at 73 (AP)
  89. Aussie lawmaker accused of lifting movie speech (AP)
  90. Makers defend Islam movie criticized by NYC mayor (AP)
  91. Ice-T weighs in on presidential race from Sundance (AP)
  92. The Mean Mom
  93. Heigl would love to return to 'Grey's Anatomy' (AP)
  94. 5 movies whose titles tell you everything (AP)
  95. Sundance doc examines costs of US war on drugs (AP)
  96. Friend says on 911 call Demi Moore was convulsing (AP)
  97. Grammy-winning composer Clare Fischer dead at 83 (AP)
  98. Bradley Cooper, Zoe Saldana celebrate at Sundance (AP)
  99. 'The Sting' actress Dimitra Arliss dies in LA (AP)
  100. SAG Awards menu is months in the making (AP)
  101. `Beasts of the Southern Wild' wins at Sundance (AP)
  102. Neeson's 'The Grey' tops box office with $20M (AP)
  103. Mary Tyler Moore honored for lifetime achievement (AP)
  104. `The Help,' Dujardin win at lively SAG Awards (AP)
  105. Anyone else seen the Artist?
  106. Actress clarifies remark about being gay by choice (AP)
  107. UK film outlawed for blasphemy finally unbanned (AP)
  108. UK film outlawed for blasphemy finally unbanned (AP)
  109. Sean Penn named ambassador for Haiti in ceremony (AP)
  110. Michelle Yeoh calls Myanmar's Suu Kyi her 'hero' (AP)
  111. Capsule reviews of new releases (AP)
  112. Actor John Travolta to donate jet to Ga. museum (AP)
  113. Marisa Tomei sued over leak in her NYC building (AP)
  114. Schwarzenegger visits Taj Mahal, finds it closed (AP)
  115. Mel Gibson may be witness in discrimination trial (AP)
  116. Ancestry.com Review
  117. Hunger Games Crazy!
  118. Project X Shirt
  119. Hunger games!
  120. Sunshine Girls Want to Shake It Up
  121. Honey Crisp Apples
  122. For Special Friends
  123. Get Paid for Kids' Clothes?
  124. Let's talk apps!
  125. Thanks, SR!
  126. Merry Christmas, Happy (late) Hannukah, Happy New Year, and Happy Holidays!
  127. Did your team make the playoffs?
  128. Wine and Girl Scout Cookies
  129. What are you earning for/What have you used your SR credits for lately?
  130. Sigh....
  131. Happy National Rubber Duck Day!