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  1. 'The Dark Knight' stays No. 1 at box office (AP)
  2. 21 films to compete for Golden Lion at Venice fest (AP)
  3. DUI charge may be blemish to LaBeouf's rising star (AP)
  4. Secret pal dates
  5. Bored tonight?
  6. Vegas police: Jerry Lewis cited for gun in luggage (AP)
  7. Thank your kids exchange pal!!
  8. Cheech and Chong reunite as feud goes up in smoke (AP)
  9. TV's loss is Web's gain as Roger Ebert blogs (AP)
  10. That Was the Week That Was (AP)
  11. Weekly wrap-up of entertainment quotes (AP)
  12. Durning gets star on Hollywood Walk of Fame (AP)
  13. Durning gets star on Hollywood Walk of Fame (AP)
  14. Watching Ebay Items for People
  15. Andrew Garfield: From 'Boy A' to household name? (AP)
  16. Full text of statement from Labeouf lawyer (AP)
  17. LaBeouf lawyer asks for witnesses to accident (AP)
  18. Heigh Ho Back to School Exchange Participants Check Here
  19. LaBeouf lawyers: Left hand 'crushed' in wreck (AP)
  20. Madonna back in Michigan to show her documentary (AP)
  21. Pilobilus
  22. Madonna returns to Michigan roots to show her film (AP)
  23. Guess Your Secret Pal - Chapter 2
  24. Cusack calls 'Shanghai' unique opportunity (AP)
  25. Sunday chat
  26. Teens honor their favorite stars at Choice Awards (AP)
  27. Christina Applegate treated for breast cancer (AP)
  28. Morgan Freeman injured in car accident in Miss. (AP)
  29. Heigh Ho Back To School We Go Exchange-Thank You!!
  30. `Traveling Pants' lose some magic in sequel (AP)
  31. Morgan Freeman seriously injured in car crash (AP)
  32. `Pineapple Express' tastes familiar (AP)
  33. Smith wins appeal for R rating for 'Porno' (AP)
  34. Snoop Dogg raps in Bollywood comedy (AP)
  35. Wahlberg to make cameo appearance on `Entourage' (AP)
  36. Federal investigators drop Ledger drug inquiry (AP)
  37. Federal investigators drop Ledger drug inquiry (AP)
  38. Moving to new (temporary Nursery)
  39. Lucas says `Indiana Jones' needs Ford to continue (AP)
  40. Social Networking for Business?
  41. I met Kristen (Nicholdfamily5) tonight!
  42. Court orders end to suit filed by Tim Burton's ex (AP)
  43. Ex-Bush aide claims `Swing Vote' stolen from him (AP)
  44. Hollywood power broker Bernie Brillstein dead (AP)
  45. My new Tag...
  46. Come chat...
  47. Been waiting all day so I could finally post.....
  48. Richard Dreyfuss sues father, uncle over loan (AP)
  49. Cleaning out the garage...
  50. A sample from the late comedian Bernie Mac (AP)
  51. Actor, comedian and exasperated dad Mac dies at 50 (AP)
  52. Sunday chat...
  53. `Pineapple Express' joins Hollywood stoner set (AP)
  54. Lazenby to dispute Pam Shriver's custody claim (AP)
  55. `Dark Knight' holds No. 1 spot again with $26M (AP)
  56. A few Blonde Jokes
  57. Film review: `Moon' has decent 3-D, little story (AP)
  58. `Indy' heads to home video with Oct. 14 release (AP)
  59. Please help me with a little yummy mystery!
  60. For those of you who liked the text tickers
  61. Baby boy born to Mexican actors Luna, Sodi (AP)
  62. Sheriff's department: Hayes likely died of stroke (AP)
  63. `Thunder' seamlessly blends comedy and action (AP)
  64. '40-Year-Old Virgin' actor pleads not guilty (AP)
  65. That Was the Week That Was (AP)
  66. Top 5 lists in entertainment (AP)
  67. Jerry Lewis says gun in baggage was a gift (AP)
  68. Cleaning the Carpets
  69. Indian movie superstars end US leg of live tour (AP)
  70. Hannah Montana and Muppets
  71. Chat!!!
  72. Elvis fans ignore rain for graveside vigil (AP)
  73. Madonna: An unlikely inspiration for 50-plus set (AP)
  74. Thousands pay respects to comedy king Bernie Mac (AP)
  75. Will miss you in chat tonight....
  76. 'Thunder' rumbles past 'Dark Knight' with $26M (AP)
  77. Harry Potter film pulls vanishing act on EW cover (AP)
  78. Producer critically injured after car hits her (AP)
  79. Clooney, Pitt, Coens join Toronto festival lineup (AP)
  80. Roger Moore: Being Bond could be scary (AP)
  81. Matt Damon's wife gives birth to girl (AP)
  82. Billionaires aim for a reckoning on federal debt (AP)
  83. Weekly wrap-up of entertainment quotes (AP)
  84. New DVD releases: `What Happens in Vegas' (AP)
  85. 'La Misma Luna' sweeps Imagen Awards (AP)
  86. Jamie Foxx, Fran Drescher turn out for Obama party (AP)
  87. What a great life!
  88. 'Thunder' reigns again with $16.1 million weekend (AP)
  89. Sunday chat...
  90. For fall: Bond's back, Hollywood does high school (AP)
  91. Former Bond Sean Connery launches autobiography (AP)
  92. Highlights of Hollywood's fall, holiday schedule (AP)
  93. 'Thunder' pulls in $16.3M, holds off 'House Bunny' (AP)
  94. Kevin Smith makes a porno with `Zack and Miri' (AP)
  95. Clooney, Pitt to walk red carpet walk for charity (AP)
  96. Heigh Ho Exchange - Thank You!
  97. Clooney, Pitt arrive in Venice for film festival (AP)
  98. Actors, advertisers extend commercials contract (AP)
  99. Celebrity Birthdays (AP)
  100. Spielberg, Affleck, J.Lo at Democratic convention (AP)
  101. German studio offers 'Valkyrie' extras settlement (AP)
  102. Secret Sunshine Pals Chapter 3!!
  103. Stars over the moon about Obama's speech (AP)
  104. Back to School Participants
  105. Heigh Ho Thank you to Mommytotwo
  106. `The Burning Plain' debuts at Venice film festival (AP)
  107. Theron attends `Burning Plain' debut in Venice (AP)
  108. Time to change that picture!!
  109. 'Dark Knight' swings past $500 million mark (AP)
  110. Jude Law in Afghanistan to promote peace (AP)
  111. Married Names
  112. New Orleans celeb faction quiet as Gustav sputters (AP)
  113. Actress Helen Mirren: I used to 'love' cocaine (AP)
  114. 'Tropic Thunder' retains No. 1 spot at box office (AP)
  115. Charges filed in McConaughey surf battle (AP)
  116. I guess I am not so quiet anymore! :)
  117. Jackie Chan not upset about small role in Olympics (AP)
  118. Judge nixes claims in Heath Ledger tape lawsuit (AP)
  119. Possibilities for Secret Sunshine Pals Chapter 3
  120. 'Peanuts' animator Bill Melendez dies at 91 (AP)
  121. Nfl top 10 fan lists
  122. Weekly wrap-up of entertainment quotes (AP)
  123. Man gets prison for crime at Dunst's NYC hotel (AP)
  124. Ritchie rocks again with crime romp `RocknRolla' (AP)
  125. Rogen shows some skin in Smith's `Zack and Miri' (AP)
  126. Stand Up to Cancer telethon takes over network TV (AP)
  127. '40-Year-Old Virgin' actor faces new charges (AP)
  128. Silent screen siren Anita Page dies at 98 (AP)
  129. Malkovich gets mad in Coens' 'Burn After Reading' (AP)
  130. Do we have a Christmas card exchange/swap?
  131. 'Bangkok Dangerous' reaches No. 1 in slow weekend (AP)
  132. One More Time: Britney returns to MTV VMAs (AP)
  133. Coen brothers to begin shooting new film in Minn. (AP)
  134. *~* Christmas Card Exchange Sign Up *~*
  135. Can `Dark Knight' compete with Oscar heavyweights? (AP)
  136. NY lawsuit claims `Disturbia' copied short story (AP)
  137. Report: Minnie Driver gives birth to son in L.A. (AP)
  138. Glorious NYC lawsuit ruling for 'Borat' filmmakers (AP)
  139. Paris doc shows confessional side of Hilton (AP)
  140. Hilarious Video
  141. Top 5 lists in entertainment (AP)
  142. Matt Damon says he fears a Palin administration (AP)
  143. Choreographer Jacqui Landrum dies in L.A. at 64 (AP)
  144. :) KIDS Christmas Card Exchange Sign Up :)
  145. Elizabeth Banks flits from first lady to `Porno' (AP)
  146. 5 minute chocolate mug cake
  147. Attn Crafty People!!
  148. Fellow critic hits Ebert during film festival (AP)
  149. Daniel Radcliffe prepares for the Broadway stage (AP)
  150. Matt Damon, Wyclef Jean help Haitian storm victims (AP)
  151. Sunday chat...where are you??
  152. SR WDW meet...
  153. Matt Damon, Wyclef Jean visit Haiti city in ruins (AP)
  154. Philip Roth has no love for movies of his books (AP)
  155. Ha Ha for the day....
  156. Jennifer Hudson is engaged to reality TV boyfriend (AP)
  157. Fox opens up about old flame: 'Nikita' (AP)
  158. 'Shrek' undergoes a Seattle shakedown before B'way (AP)
  159. Movie buffs can win bleacher seats for 2009 Oscars (AP)
  160. Obama picks up about $9 million in Hollywood (AP)
  161. *~* Adult Christmas Card Exchange-Sent/Recieved *~*
  162. Ryan O'Neal, son, arrested in drug sweep at home (AP)
  163. Brad Pitt donates money to support gay marriage (AP)
  164. Ricky Gervais becomes reluctant leading man (AP)
  165. Put your kid (or yourself) in HSM3 video
  166. ***Kids Christmas Card Exchange-Sent/Recieved***
  167. Hilary Swank recovering after hospital procedure (AP)
  168. Cruise praises Katie Holmes' Broadway performance (AP)
  169. Seal, Serena Williams attend Israel event (AP)
  170. Christmas Card Exchangers....
  171. Woman revises lawsuit over Ledger tape (AP)
  172. J.K. Rowling backs Labour Party with big check (AP)
  173. Actress Mia Farrow visits Haiti storm victims (AP)
  174. Happy Fall
  175. Part of paparazzo's suit against Reeves tossed (AP)
  176. Robert Wagner reveals love affair with Stanwyck (AP)
  177. Spielberg donates money to support gay marriage (AP)
  178. Some rhyme time?
  179. NJ monsignor says he was victim in Follieri scam (AP)
  180. Nicole Kidman credits fertile water with pregnancy (AP)
  181. New York film fest highlighted by `Che,' Eastwood (AP)
  182. Flair fun!
  183. Cool Stuff
  184. Oscars tap Mark, Condon to oversee telecast (AP)
  185. Disney gala shows off upcoming movies (AP)
  186. Grey's!! It's finally here....
  187. Celebrities seen through the looking glass of food (AP)
  188. Interesting Video
  189. DA: LaBeouf won't be charged in crash (AP)
  190. `Equus,' starring Daniel Radcliffe, opens on B'way (AP)
  191. Erin Brockovich working for NYC law firm (AP)
  192. Dave Matthews helped produce new Palahniuk film (AP)
  193. Legendary actor Paul Newman dies at age 83 (AP)
  194. Paul Newman, Hollywood's anti-hero, dies (AP)
  195. The films of actor Paul Newman (AP)
  196. Appreciation: Newman was among rare breed of star (AP)
  197. Scarlett Johansson, Ryan Reynolds marry in Canada (AP)
  198. Scarlett Johansson, Ryan Reynolds marry in Canada (AP)
  199. Ledger's daughter to inherit late actor's estate (AP)
  200. Harris plays jack-of-all-trades on `Appaloosa' (AP)
  201. Pair involved in LaBeouf crash charged (AP)
  202. Maher vs. God: `Religulous' flays organized faith (AP)
  203. Annual Woodstock Film Festival kicks off this week (AP)
  204. Review: Hathaway sizzles in dreary `Rachel' (AP)
  205. Chat has been SLOW on Sundays!
  206. DiCaprio says he's not ready to settle down (AP)
  207. DiCaprio, Berry among celebs getting out the vote (AP)
  208. These two were MADE for eachother!!!!
  209. S. Korean actress found dead in suspected suicide (AP)
  210. New DVD releases: `You Don't Mess With the Zohan' (AP)
  211. Sneak peek at the upcoming 'Watchmen' film (AP)
  212. Laugh for the day
  213. James Earl Jones to get SAG life achievement award (AP)
  214. Miss my chat buddies tonight...
  215. Elvis is Alive Museum is apparently set to die (AP)
  216. Tyler Perry unveils TV/film studio in Atlanta (AP)
  217. Tyler Perry unveils new studio in Atlanta (AP)
  218. Audiences adopt 'Chihuahua' with $29M weekend (AP)
  219. Chat is open!!!!
  220. Different chat day??
  221. kissing
  222. Audiences choose 'Chihuahua' with $29M debut (AP)
  223. China state TV to air 50-part Bruce Lee biography (AP)
  224. After divorce, Bill Murray looks for renewal (AP)
  225. Nick Nolte escapes his burning home in Malibu (AP)
  226. Movie tells tale of a young Billy Graham (AP)
  227. Deal for alleged Cusack stalker falls through (AP)
  228. Meinhof daughter criticizes Red Army Faction film (AP)
  229. Jolie apparently breastfeeding on W magazine cover (AP)
  230. Twilight Movie Preview
  231. Brinkley to ex: Shield kids from `20/20' interview (AP)
  232. Pitt's first `Make It Right' homes complete in La. (AP)
  233. Early for Chat
  234. Cloris Leachman named Rose Parade grand marshal (AP)
  235. Tim Robbins gets star of Hollywood Walk of Fame (AP)
  236. Jolie: Obama win would be 'nice' for family (AP)
  237. Come chat with us tonight!
  238. 'Chihuahua' fetches $17.5M, remains top movie dog (AP)
  239. `Chihuahua' fetches $17.5M to win another weekend (AP)
  240. Stone shows surprising restraint with Bush pic `W' (AP)
  241. Spielberg rejoins Universal in DreamWorks deal (AP)
  242. Bush role is Brolin's latest on surge to stardom (AP)
  243. Travolta film victim of violence in French project (AP)
  244. Who wants to do a SR Christmas Gift Exchange?
  245. Michael Lohan's charity boxing match set (AP)
  246. Madonna and Guy Ritchie to reportedly divorce (AP)
  247. London Film fest kicks off with 'Frost/Nixon' (AP)
  248. Ryan O'Neal, son charged with meth possession (AP)
  249. New DVD releases: `Incredible Hulk,' `Strangers' (AP)
  250. A `Star Trek' is born: J.J. Abrams gives a glimpse (AP)