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  1. FX gets TV rights for DreamWorks animated films (AP)
  2. 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' leaked online (AP)
  3. Madonna's African adoptions part of growing trend (AP)
  4. Legacy of 80s music cloven by new film, musical (AP)
  5. Favorite Audio Books?
  6. Clarkson revels in title as indie-film royalty (AP)
  7. Malawi court rejects Madonna adoption request (AP)
  8. Man accused of stalking Jamie Foxx at Philly hotel (AP)
  9. Chat tonight?
  10. Nanny says Robert De Niro owes her over $40,000 (AP)
  11. Publicist: Josh Hartnett released from LA hospital (AP)
  12. Moore, Nugent, Wilson sound off on Detroit (AP)
  13. Sound of Music fans
  14. Madonna leaves Malawi after adoption setback (AP)
  15. 'Fast & Furious' accelerates to $72.5M opening (AP)
  16. Australian library finds copy of Schindler's list (AP)
  17. `Fast & Furious' revs to $71 million debut weekend (AP)
  18. Fox News columnist out after 'Wolverine' review (AP)
  19. Redmond O'Neal faces drug charge, arraignment (AP)
  20. Hugh Jackman heartbroken over 'Wolverine' leak (AP)
  21. Jack Wrangler, gay porn idol, dead at 62 (AP)
  22. Joaquin Phoenix II? Billy Bob gives odd interview (AP)
  23. Holmes returns to stage for Memorial Day concert (AP)
  24. Downey suits up as `Iron Man 2' starts filming (AP)
  25. Correction: Wolverine leak story (AP)
  26. Co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons dies at 61 (AP)
  27. Neeson to star as Zeus in `Clash of the Titans' (AP)
  28. summer school work at home
  29. Woody Harrelson likens paparazzo to zombie (AP)
  30. Billy Bob Thornton's band cancels Canadian tour (AP)
  31. Miley and Hannah team up for $34M opening weekend (AP)
  32. Mel Gibson's wife files for divorce in LA (AP)
  33. Review: You've seen `17 Again' _ again and again (AP)
  34. Comedy darkens, matching leaner times, outrage (AP)
  35. It's a girl named Java for `Lost' star Holloway (AP)
  36. `Harry Potter' sweeps into theaters 2 days early (AP)
  37. American Apparel slams Woody Allen's sex life (AP)
  38. Lindsay Lohan makes mock dating service ad (AP)
  39. Celeb birthdays for the week of April 19-25 (AP)
  40. 'Slumdog' filmmakers give Mumbai charity $747,000 (AP)
  41. Easter Candy Support Group
  42. Film icon Paul Newman joins Conn. Hall of Fame (AP)
  43. YouTube boosts full-length movies, TV show lineup (AP)
  44. Gordon-Levitt plays villain in 'G.I. Joe' film (AP)
  45. Kilmer's NM ranch on market for $33 million (AP)
  46. Ashton Kutcher wins Twitter battle with CNN (AP)
  47. Jackie Chan: Chinese people need to be controlled (AP)
  48. Day after plunking woman, Bill Murray hacks away (AP)
  49. Jackie Chan's China comments prompt backlash (AP)
  50. Jackie Chan's China comments prompt backlash (AP)
  51. Efron turns '17 Again' into No. 1 hit with $24M (AP)
  52. It's a Girl!!!
  53. Post-Olympics, director Zhang Yimou plans new film (AP)
  54. 'Public Enemies' author rushes to Dillinger's side (AP)
  55. India probes dispute over 'Slumdog' child star (AP)
  56. `Bruno,' `Funny People' highlight summer comedies (AP)
  57. Spokesman: Jackie Chan comments out of context (AP)
  58. Summer lovin': Male perspectives in movie romance (AP)
  59. Ebert's boyhood home in Ill. marked with plaque (AP)
  60. Twilight Fans
  61. Some Things You Shouldn't Buy in Bulk
  62. Celeb birthdays for the week of April 26-May 2 (AP)
  63. Cannes Fest names 20 films in competition (AP)
  64. `Battle of the Bulge' director Annakin dies at 94 (AP)
  65. 3rd 'Twilight' film director selected (AP)
  66. Mary-Kate Olsen excited to be Tribeca juror (AP)
  67. 'Secret' Sharon Stone lawsuit to be unsealed (AP)
  68. 'Secret' Stone lawsuit was routine fees matter (AP)
  69. `Golden Girls' star Bea Arthur dies at 86 (AP)
  70. 'Golden Girls' star Bea Arthur dies at 86 (AP)
  71. May 1st Lancaster Meet?
  72. Stars pack Venice to fete Salma Hayek, Pinault (AP)
  73. Fans fixate on Beyonce as `Obsessed' takes in $28M (AP)
  74. Fans fixate on Beyonce as 'Obsessed' takes in $28M (AP)
  75. Chinese massacre movie reports strong opening (AP)
  76. Beyonce's `Obsessed' makes $28.6 million debut (AP)
  77. Tempe goes Hollywood for 'Wolverine' premiere (AP)
  78. Hugh Jackman's visit to Mexico canceled (AP)
  79. Spokesman: Farrah Fawcett's condition unchanged (AP)
  80. Jackie Chan announces 100th movie (AP)
  81. Disney to plant 2.7 million trees for `Earth' (AP)
  82. New Moon Fans? American Idol Fans?
  83. Jackman: Size matters for `Wolverine' and Oscars (AP)
  84. Celebrity birthdays for the week of May 3-9 (AP)
  85. Sean Penn files for legal separation from his wife (AP)
  86. Court grants Redmond O'Neal rehab chance (AP)
  87. `About Elly,' `Racing Dreams' take Tribeca awards (AP)
  88. Jackie Chan stages show at Beijing's Bird's Nest (AP)
  89. Hollywood delays summer film releases in Mexico (AP)
  90. `Wolverine' has box-office bite with $35M debut (AP)
  91. 'Angels & Demons' director Howard accuses Vatican (AP)
  92. Jackman's `Wolverine' leads weekend pack with $87M (AP)
  93. Leak doesn't keep fans away from `Wolverine' (AP)
  94. Review: `Star Trek' bold, but with some trouble (AP)
  95. Pine makes maiden voyage as `Trek' Captain Kirk (AP)
  96. Disney Family List of "Mom Crushes"
  97. Dom DeLuise, actor, comedian and chef, dies (AP)
  98. Dom DeLuise: Popular actor, comedian, chef dies (AP)
  99. Canadian town Vulcan beams up to Trek sneak peek (AP)
  100. Deposition: Paris Hilton is a promotion machine (AP)
  101. Capsule reviews: `Star Trek' and other films (AP)
  102. Nimoy 'comfortable' with mysterious 'Fringe' role (AP)
  103. Clothier denies he wants to exploit Allen's past (AP)
  104. LA judge denies Polanski's bid to toss sex case (AP)
  105. 'Wizard of Oz' Munchkin Mickey Carroll dies at 89 (AP)
  106. Actor's Idaho ski resort to rebuild lodge (AP)
  107. Hugh Jackman to launch `Wolverine' in Mexico (AP)
  108. Family of 'Wizard of Oz' actor sue his caretaker (AP)
  109. VH1, Logo among winners at GLAAD Media Awards (AP)
  110. `Star Trek' has whopping $76.5 million opening (AP)
  111. Actor Tobey Maguire's wife gives birth to baby boy (AP)
  112. Minute Maid Commercial
  113. Star-crossed lovers: `Trek' ship mates lock lips (AP)
  114. Cruise, Diaz, Apatow chat on AMC's `Storymakers' (AP)
  115. Woman finds 'Twilight' sequel script in trash (AP)
  116. Ryan O'Neal in `awe' of Farrah Fawcett's courage (AP)
  117. Huppert follows Penn as Cannes jury president (AP)
  118. `SNL' alum Maya Rudolph expecting her second child (AP)
  119. Dug -- the dog in the Up (Pixaer) trailers
  120. Stars gather for opening of Cannes Film Festival (AP)
  121. Stars gather for opening of Cannes Film Festival (AP)
  122. Capsule reviews: `Angels & Demons' and other films (AP)
  123. Celebrity birthdays for the week of May 17-23 (AP)
  124. Evan Rachel Wood: Back to theater where she began (AP)
  125. Facebook
  126. Hollywood lands in DC for 'Museum' premiere (AP)
  127. Redford teams up to train minority filmmakers (AP)
  128. Hollywood lands in DC for 'Museum' premiere (AP)
  129. New America Ferrera film looks at effects of war (AP)
  130. UK teen on-screen in Cannes contender 'Fish Tank' (AP)
  131. '60s flashback: Ang Lee is `Taking Woodstock' (AP)
  132. Bird, Spielberg honored at BU commencement (AP)
  133. Woody Allen due in NY court over rabbi billboard (AP)
  134. Loach mines love of soccer in 'Looking for Eric' (AP)
  135. Seriously? 35% Say No Dessert?
  136. `Angels & Demons,' `Star Trek' dominate box office (AP)
  137. John Woo gets first US release in 6 years (AP)
  138. Cannes fans moon over 'Twilight' star Pattinson (AP)
  139. Chace Crawford to step into `Footloose' role (AP)
  140. Another 'Slumdog' child star's home torn down (AP)
  141. Ingmar Bergman's Swedish island home up for sale (AP)
  142. DreamWorks: King biopic requires unity from family (AP)
  143. Celebrity birthdays for the week of May 24-30 (AP)
  144. British actress Lucy Gordon found dead in Paris (AP)
  145. Why Men are so much happier
  146. Sean Penn withdraws separation filing (AP)
  147. Penn withdraws separation filing from wife Robin (AP)
  148. Gilliam says `Don Quixote' fantasy is back on (AP)
  149. Actor Duhamel looking for speed at Indianapolis (AP)
  150. Jurors deliberate fate of Cannes Palme d'Or (AP)
  151. Search for homes for 'Slumdog' children picks up (AP)
  152. Cannes crowds await jury's pick for best of fest (AP)
  153. Anyone Else Play Mafia Wars On Facebook?
  154. Turnstiles turn for `Museum,' `Terminator' (AP)
  155. Amid economic gloom, movies shone at Cannes (AP)
  156. Rare Audrey Hepburn stamp goes to auction (AP)
  157. Divorcing Mel Gibson, girlfriend expecting baby (AP)
  158. What are your goals
  159. Marilyn's clothes, Elvis' pill bottles for sale (AP)
  160. Elizabeth Taylor home from hospital, feels 'great' (AP)
  161. Asner is `Up' for another role as lovable grump (AP)
  162. Raimi makes hilarious return to horror with `Hell' (AP)
  163. Celebrity birthdays for the week of May 31-June 6 (AP)
  164. Dolores Hope celebrates her 100th birthday (AP)
  165. Tom Sizemore arrested on drug warrant (AP)
  166. Jolie hospitalized, released after head bump (AP)
  167. Shanty of 'Slumdog' star spared in new demolition (AP)
  168. Report: Thornton's daughter charged in kid's death (AP)
  169. 'Twilight' takes a bite out of MTV Movie Awards (AP)
  170. Director: 'Up' locations inspired by Venezuela (AP)
  171. Bruno stunt at MTV Awards brings buzz to all (AP)
  172. Judge puts 'Columbo' actor Falk in conservatorship (AP)
  173. Dreyfuss promotes a return to civility, civics (AP)
  174. Capsule reviews: `The Hangover' and other films (AP)
  175. Theater owners behind on 3-D projectors (AP)
  176. Radio Disney Contest Winner
  177. `Away We Go' a lovely trip toward parenthood (AP)
  178. Celebrity birthdays for the week of June 7-13 (AP)
  179. Jolie overtakes Winfrey on Forbes' Celebrity 100 (AP)
  180. Too Funny and So True
  181. Actor David Carradine found dead in Bangkok (AP)
  182. Review: `Land of the Lost,' indeed (AP)
  183. Bruce Lee co-star Shih Kien dies at age 96 (AP)
  184. Thai police: Carradine death may be accidental (AP)
  185. Actress Lori Petty charged with drunken driving (AP)
  186. Carradine's family wants FBI to investigate death (AP)
  187. Carradine family seeks FBI, forensics expert help (AP)
  188. `Land of the Lost' stars, found (AP)
  189. Carradine family takes action on probe, photos (AP)
  190. Hey Twilight Peeps!
  191. `Hangover' takes down `Up' for top box-office spot (AP)
  192. John Travolta thanks colleagues for promoting film (AP)
  193. 'Guerrilla drive-ins' turn nostalgia on its head (AP)
  194. Capsule reviews: `Imagine That' and other films (AP)
  195. Actors ratify 2-year Hollywood movie, TV contract (AP)
  196. 'Slumdog' child star gets new home (AP)
  197. Jamie Foxx: 'I got booed at the Apollo' (AP)
  198. Brad Pitt buys painting at top modern art fair (AP)
  199. Sit! 13 new `Marley' books coming (AP)
  200. Property owners forgive Alba plastering posters (AP)
  201. Lloyd: `Back to the Future' still gratifying (AP)
  202. Stephen Baldwin's foreclosed home to be auctioned (AP)
  203. Calif. to probe latest HIV case in porn industry (AP)
  204. 'Slumdog' filmmakers say movie is Indian at heart (AP)
  205. Sewing/Embroidery Machine
  206. Hundreds honor David Carradine at funeral (AP)
  207. Young filmmakers honored at Student Academy Awards (AP)
  208. 'Hangover' hangs on as No. 1 movie with $33.4M (AP)
  209. Indie film studio launches with $300M, big goals (AP)
  210. Review: Allen's `Whatever Works' not quite working (AP)
  211. Review: `Food, Inc.' offers plenty to chew on (AP)
  212. `Transformers' toys live up to big-screen robots (AP)
  213. Ramis glad he passed on `Super Mario Bros.' film (AP)
  214. Correction: `Food, Inc.' review (AP)
  215. Mia Farrow's brother found dead in Vt. art gallery (AP)
  216. Teen sues after getting 56 star tattoos on face
  217. Police: Mia Farrow's brother killed himself in Vt. (AP)
  218. Celebrity birthdays for the week of June 21-27 (AP)
  219. MacDowell: 40s are awkward for a leading lady (AP)
  220. Capsule reviews: `The Proposal' and other films (AP)
  221. Kelly Preston takes first role since son's death (AP)
  222. Baron Cohen appears as bull in Spain (AP)
  223. Settlement deadline set in Morgan Freeman lawsuit (AP)
  224. Quaids settle with hospital over overdose claim (AP)
  225. FBI tried in vain to stop "Deep Throat" film (AP)
  226. FBI tried in vain to stop 'Deep Throat' film (AP)
  227. Danish-Swedish drama best film at Shanghai (AP)
  228. Bullock's 'Proposal' woos date crowds with $34.1M (AP)
  229. Redbox's machines take on Netflix's red envelopes (AP)
  230. Ryan O'Neal says he plans to marry Farrah Fawcett (AP)
  231. Megan Fox dismisses comparisons to Angelina Jolie (AP)
  232. Accent was welcome task for Marion Cotillard (AP)
  233. Julie White is set for 'The Understudy' off-B'way (AP)
  234. 'You Light Up My Life' writer accused of NYC rapes (AP)
  235. Jive-talking twin Transformers raise race issues (AP)
  236. Perez Hilton sues Black Eyed Peas manager (AP)
  237. Jive-talking twin Transformers raise race issues (AP)
  238. Billy Bob Thornton's estranged daughter indicted (AP)
  239. No wrap yet on Sen. Kerry's bid to produce movie (AP)
  240. Friends, co-stars react to Farrah Fawcett's death (AP)
  241. Giant alien robots start life as sketches (AP)
  242. Tuneless Oscars? Academy toughens best-song rules (AP)
  243. Capsule reviews: `Ice Age' and other films (AP)
  244. Fashion to film, Prada Transformer shifts in Seoul (AP)
  245. Janet Jackson arrives at Michael Jackson's LA home (AP)
  246. `Transformers' takes to sky with $112M weekend (AP)
  247. Michael Jackson's legacy honored at BET Awards (AP)
  248. Luc Besson's company fined over death on film set (AP)
  249. Creating a Tea blend
  250. Jerry Lewis set to direct B'way 'Nutty Professor' (AP)