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  1. AP Exclusive: Jackson wrapped video before death (AP)
  2. Jackman, Rogen, Hathaway among Oscar invitees (AP)
  3. Clooney smokes out new production home at Sony (AP)
  4. LA schools chief fumes over `Bruno' school photos (AP)
  5. Gwyneth Paltrow says Spain changed her life (AP)
  6. Oscar-winning actor Karl Malden dead at 97 (AP)
  7. Calif. jury gets 'Alpha Dog' kidnap-murder case (AP)
  8. Fired Fox News writer seeks $5 million in suit (AP)
  9. James Frey writing teen science fiction novels (AP)
  10. Czech film fest opens with Milos Forman premiere (AP)
  11. Potter star Rupert Grint recovering from swine flu (AP)
  12. 'Slumdog' kid star to move into new home next week (AP)
  13. `Transformers,' `Ice Age' tie for No. 1 at $42.5M (AP)
  14. Actor Kal Penn starts work as White House liaison (AP)
  15. Willis aims to rebuild lodge at his Idaho ski area (AP)
  16. Stars gather in London for 'Harry Potter' premiere (AP)
  17. Stars gather in London for 'Harry Potter' premiere (AP)
  18. Richard Gere: Dog is hero in film about Japan tale (AP)
  19. Michael Jackson won't fade from limelight soon (AP)
  20. `Transformers' hits $300 million mark in 14 days (AP)
  21. Celebrity birthdays for the week of July 12-18 (AP)
  22. Michael Jackson memorial cost LA $1.4 million (AP)
  23. Lawyers spar in Paris Hilton film contract dispute (AP)
  24. Big Brother is Back...again!
  25. Clooney: I'll film in Italy quake area (AP)
  26. Carrey to be a grandfather; his daughter expecting (AP)
  27. Paris Hilton insists she plugged sorority movie (AP)
  28. Dillinger's Ohio crime spree left out of new movie (AP)
  29. 'Angel at Sea' wins at Karlovy Vary film festival (AP)
  30. 'Bruno' sashays to box-office fame with $30.4M (AP)
  31. Jackie Chan, Jaden Smith start 'Karate Kid' remake (AP)
  32. Vatican lauds good/evil theme in Harry Potter film (AP)
  33. `Summer' a clever spin on classic boy-meets-girl (AP)
  34. Tony Leung breaks arm in training for kung fu film (AP)
  35. `Humpday' explores intimacy of male friendship (AP)
  36. Son's arrest latest chapter in porn family saga (AP)
  37. Robert Redford marries German girlfriend (AP)
  38. Do you remember who referred you?
  39. Midnight hour strikes with $22M for `Harry Potter' (AP)
  40. Celebrity birthdays for the week of July 19-25 (AP)
  41. Michael Douglas muses on his most memorable films (AP)
  42. `Potter' enchants fans with $58.2M opening day (AP)
  43. Salsa musician Ruben Blades visits Harvard archive (AP)
  44. Actor Beatty doesn't want deposition videotaped (AP)
  45. Beverly Roberts, Bogart co-star, dies at age 96 (AP)
  46. Jackie Chan praises kung fu of Will Smith's son (AP)
  47. Hamas makes feature film about slain militant (AP)
  48. 'Wonderful Life' actor Stewart makes Aviation Hall (AP)
  49. Ed White, Jimmy Stewart inducted in Aviation Hall (AP)
  50. 'Potter' conjures up $159.7 million in 5 days (AP)
  51. Recycle a DVD player?
  52. Competition aims to make Bruce Lee home a museum (AP)
  53. Sony bids $50 million for Jackson rehearsal film (AP)
  54. Bruce Lee's siblings authorize Chinese biopics (AP)
  55. Pot-growing 'Potter' actor gets community service (AP)
  56. Review: `The Ugly Truth' isn't pretty (AP)
  57. Actor Stephen Baldwin files for bankruptcy (AP)
  58. Police seize 'La Dolce Vita' cafe for Mafia ties (AP)
  59. Get this baby out!!!!!
  60. Sam Raimi to direct 'World of Warcraft' film (AP)
  61. Celebrity birthdays for the week of July 26-Aug. 1 (AP)
  62. Fun Viewing....what have we done?!
  63. 'Eternal Sunshine' director to do 'Green Hornet' (AP)
  64. 'Star Wars in Concert' tour launching (AP)
  65. "Twilight" dominates Comic Con, drawing thousands (AP)
  66. James Cameron wows Comic Con with 3-D 'Avatar' (AP)
  67. Hollywood places biggest 3-D bet yet on `Avatar' (AP)
  68. Peter Jackson unveils `District 9' at Comic-Con (AP)
  69. Spike Lee defends free speech on Venezuela visit (AP)
  70. Directors, actors geek out with fans at Comic-Con (AP)
  71. Fans get first peek at `Iron Man 2' at Comic-Con (AP)
  72. Hackers put China flag on Australian film Web site (AP)
  73. 'G-Force' topples `Harry Potter' at box office (AP)
  74. Wes Anderson's 'Mr. Fox' to open London Film fest (AP)
  75. Review: `People' is both funny, frustrating (AP)
  76. Beatty lawyer: Del. inconvenient for Tracy dispute (AP)
  77. China complains to Australia about Uighur's visit (AP)
  78. Philippine ex-president, 72, shoots comeback movie (AP)
  79. Maybe i'm easily amused....
  80. Bryce Dallas Howard joins third `Twilight' film (AP)
  81. Celebrity birthdays for the week of Aug. 2-8 (AP)
  82. 23 films to vie for Golden Lion award (AP)
  83. Ang Lee attends NY screening of 'Taking Woodstock' (AP)
  84. In Cuba, Del Toro wins award with Murray on hand (AP)
  85. Police in Parker-Broderick case arraigned in Ohio (AP)
  86. Police in Parker-Broderick case arraigned in Ohio (AP)
  87. Sony Pictures invests in new Zhang Yimou movie (AP)
  88. Sandler's 'Funny People' wins weekend with $23.4M (AP)
  89. Sandler's 'Funny People' wins weekend with $23.4M (AP)
  90. Manager denies Russell Crowe British pub ban (AP)
  91. Tilda Swinton takes mobile film fest on the road (AP)
  92. Sources: Michael Douglas' son in NYC drug arrest (AP)
  93. No go: Paramount won't show critics `G.I. Joe' (AP)
  94. Spielberg to be awarded Philadelphia Liberty Medal (AP)
  95. Capsule reviews: `Julie & Julia' and other films (AP)
  96. Jackman may join the circus with Barnum musical (AP)
  97. `Basic Instinct' screenwriter plans Virgin saga (AP)
  98. Celebrity birthdays for the week of Aug. 9-15 (AP)
  99. Model Kurkova's newest accessory: a baby bump (AP)
  100. '80s teen flick director John Hughes dies in NYC (AP)
  101. '80s teen flick director John Hughes dies in NYC (AP)
  102. Yi's `Paper Heart' movie blurs reality and fiction (AP)
  103. Judge approves Jackson collectors' items (AP)
  104. Venice Film Fest introduces 3D film award (AP)
  105. 'G.I. Joe' commands box office with $56.2M debut (AP)
  106. 'Twilight' sinks fangs into Teen Choice Awards (AP)
  107. 'Twilight' sinks fangs into Teen Choice Awards (AP)
  108. Jackson film greenlit; merchandise gets a yellow (AP)
  109. John Hughes mourned at private service in Illinois (AP)
  110. Neeson walks 1st red carpet since wife died (AP)
  111. Romanian movie opens 15th Sarajevo Film Festival (AP)
  112. Capsule reviews: `District 9,' other films (AP)
  113. Weinsteins aim for fall release of Asian debut (AP)
  114. Character actor John Quade dies at 71 (AP)
  115. HK director offers mix of violence, humanity (AP)
  116. James Brolin gets raunchy in `The Goods' comedy (AP)
  117. Arrest warrant issued in Mass. for Bobby Brown (AP)
  118. Report says Bollywood icon detained at US airport (AP)
  119. Bollywood icon detained at US airport (AP)
  120. Bollywood star downplays incident at US airport (AP)
  121. Actor's US 'detention' prompts outrage in India (AP)
  122. 'District 9' lifts off with No. 1 weekend at $37M (AP)
  123. Dancing with the stars
  124. Shots ring out on NYC street prepping for movie (AP)
  125. 'Avatar' site restored for fans seeking sneak peek (AP)
  126. Miley Cyrus stalking suspect to appear in court (AP)
  127. Spike Lee to mark Jackson's birthday with NYC bash (AP)
  128. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studio ousts Sloan as CEO (AP)
  129. Mexico's Inarritu to head Tokyo festival jury (AP)
  130. Documentary spotlights closing of Ohio GM plant (AP)
  131. Capsule reviews: `Inglourious Basterds,' others (AP)
  132. Celebrity birthdays for the week of Aug. 23-29 (AP)
  133. Mickey Rourke: Sport helped me pick myself up (AP)
  134. Randy Jackson, others to testify about deal (AP)
  135. `Avatar' previews held worldwide for eager fans (AP)
  136. Paramount bumps `Shutter Island' to February (AP)
  137. Worldwide `Avatar' previews thrill sci-fi fans (AP)
  138. Tarantino, Pitt's 'Basterds' earns glorious $37.6M (AP)
  139. Pitt, Tarantino's 'Basterds' earns glorious $37.6M (AP)
  140. Spokeswoman: Lindsay Lohan's LA home broken into (AP)
  141. `White Christmas' returns to Broadway for holidays (AP)
  142. Hair bows? (let's talk MNSSHP costumes)
  143. Chex Mix Select Chocolate Turtle
  144. Crypt above Marilyn Monroe sells for $4.6 million (AP)
  145. Q&A: After `300,' Gerard Butler is still battling (AP)
  146. Jet Li returns to Chinese film after 3 US movies (AP)
  147. Ga. judge: Accused Miley Cyrus stalker 'a danger' (AP)
  148. Zhang Yuan releases first film since drug scandal (AP)
  149. LAPD looking for 3 suspects in Lohan burglary (AP)
  150. Bid for crypt above Marilyn Monroe falls through (AP)
  151. No real rally, it's Rodriguez movie shot in Austin (AP)
  152. Worker at NY museum in Stiller film had child porn (AP)
  153. Big screen evolves to compete with small (AP)
  154. 'Final Destination' arrives at No. 1 with $28.3M (AP)
  155. Vampires, werewolves, liars lead fall film cast (AP)
  156. Review: `Extract' tastes too bland (AP)
  157. Venice film festival retains allure without deals (AP)
  158. `Wizards of Waverly Place' big hit for Disney (AP)
  159. Andy Lau apologizes for lying about marriage (AP)
  160. With apologies to Chicago - well, maybe...
  161. Cate Blanchett suffers head wound on stage (AP)
  162. Boy falls into Boston zoo movie set's lion pit (AP)
  163. China injects star power into anniversary film (AP)
  164. 'Life During Wartime' quasi-sequel to 'Happiness' (AP)
  165. Russell Crowe challenges columnist to bike duel (AP)
  166. Jason Bateman renewed after being `Arrested' (AP)
  167. No redemption for this 'Bad Lieutenant' (AP)
  168. Review: `9' is breathtakingly original (AP)
  169. 'Accident' defies Hong Kong thriller genre (AP)
  170. 'Sopranos' actor Imperioli directs first film (AP)
  171. Moore makes first Venice premiere (AP)
  172. Pixar wins lifetime award at Venice Film Festival (AP)
  173. 'South of the Border' to make Venice fest premiere (AP)
  174. Chavez walks Venice red carpet with Oliver Stone (AP)
  175. Clooney in Venice for premiere of 'Goats' movie (AP)
  176. Clooney speeds into Venice for premiere of 'Goats' (AP)
  177. Australian actor Ray Barrett dies at 82 (AP)
  178. Damon, demons, Darwin among Toronto fest offerings (AP)
  179. Venice screens 1st horror flick since Jekll/Hyde (AP)
  180. A peek at plans for D23, Disney's first fan expo (AP)
  181. Oscar Top 10? Hollywood mulls best-pic makeover (AP)
  182. Akin brings comedy to Venice with `Soul Kitchen' (AP)
  183. Capsule reviews: `9' and others (AP)
  184. Bacall, Corman, Willis to get honorary Oscars (AP)
  185. Even when men are listening they get it wrong!
  186. Depp back for new 'Pirates' film coming in 2011 (AP)
  187. `M-A-S-H' writer Larry Gelbart dies at 81 (AP)
  188. Israeli film on '82 Lebanon war wins Venice prize (AP)
  189. Israeli film on '82 Lebanon war wins Venice prize (AP)
  190. Tyler Perry has good opening with 'Bad' (AP)
  191. Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry push film 'Precious' (AP)
  192. Winfrey on politics: I did my part for change (AP)
  193. 'Bad' is good enough to top box office with $23.4M (AP)
  194. 'Dirty Dancing' star Patrick Swayze dies at 57 (AP)
  195. `The View' pays tribute to Patrick Swayze (AP)
  196. Capsule reviews: `Jennifer's Body' and others (AP)
  197. Barrymore wheels into directing with `Whip It' (AP)
  198. 'Zookeeper' monkeys evacuated from Boston hotel (AP)
  199. A decade past `Rushmore,' Schwartzman hits stride (AP)
  200. Capsule reviews: `Jennifer's Body' and others (AP)
  201. Heigl and husband adopt baby girl from Korea (AP)
  202. Police arrest suspect in Lohan burglary (AP)
  203. Theater, TV make drama from world financial crisis (AP)
  204. Showmanship Moore's top commodity in `Capitalism' (AP)
  205. Ceaseless deaths of the famous mark summer `09 (AP)
  206. What is the most you've ever had in your account at one time?
  207. Nigerian officials: "District 9" not welcome here (AP)
  208. 'Precious' snags audience choice award at TIFF (AP)
  209. Michael Moore screening 'Capitalism' in Mich. town (AP)
  210. Facebook - FarmVille
  211. `Chance of Meatballs' tops weekend box-office (AP)
  212. Movie Review: `La Boheme' a feast for eye and ear (AP)
  213. Jury selection begins in Travolta extortion trial (AP)
  214. Skies clear for no. 1 film `Chance of Meatballs' (AP)
  215. Taiwan director: Art movies are on the decline (AP)
  216. Happy Fall Y'all!
  217. `The Boys Are Back' is refreshingly unsentimental (AP)
  218. Capsule reviews: `Capitalism' and others (AP)
  219. Sarah Michelle Gellar, husband welcome baby girl (AP)
  220. Travolta recounts son's death at Bahamas trial (AP)
  221. Jessica Biel joins celeb climb on Mt. Kilimanjaro (AP)
  222. Dunst serves as star witness in NYC burglary trial (AP)
  223. Jackson fans line up for 'This Is It' tickets (AP)
  224. AEG president: Jackson movie should clear co. name (AP)
  225. Film tells story of America's famous whistleblower (AP)
  226. Seth Rogen gets dream role: 'Simpsons' writer (AP)
  227. 'City of Life and Death' wins Spanish film award (AP)
  228. Actress Tawny Kitaen arrested in Calif. for DUI (AP)
  229. Swiss arrest Polanski on US request in sex case (AP)
  230. Polanski lives through dazzling highs, dire lows (AP)
  231. Polanski's arrest could be his path to freedom (AP)
  232. Lawyer: Polanski will fight extradition to the US (AP)
  233. Review: `Whip It' a whirlwind of girl power (AP)
  234. Video captures Jackman chiding cell phone offender (AP)
  235. Polanski asks Swiss court to free him from custody (AP)
  236. Capsule reviews: `Whip It' and others (AP)
  237. Fox invests in 1st Chinese film, a romantic comedy (AP)
  238. Travolta testifies Bahamas medic threatened him (AP)
  239. Key figure in Polanski documentary says he lied (AP)
  240. Former prosecutor says he lied about Polanski case (AP)
  241. Purex sheets - Video
  242. AP sources: Comcast exploring stake in NBC (AP)
  243. Twilight Fans: New Merchandise
  244. Prosecutor says Polanski case not vindictive (AP)
  245. Correction: People-Claire Danes story (AP)
  246. Hollywood flair visits impoverished Miss. Delta (AP)
  247. Actor who played steroids dealer says he was one (AP)
  248. Polanski agreed to $500,000 payment in civil suit (AP)
  249. Edison Chen in 1st movie since sex photo scandal (AP)
  250. Bahamas jurors see secret tape at Travolta trial (AP)