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  1. Michael Jackson movie to screen in China (AP)
  2. Swiss reject Polanski's bid for prison release (AP)
  3. Polanski loses first round in extradition battle (AP)
  4. Pusan festival mixes Asian film, Hollywood glamor (AP)
  5. Group sues in Mexico to stop Garcia Marquez movie (AP)
  6. A list of nominees at Taiwan's Golden Horse Awards (AP)
  7. No charges over Mel Gibson DUI report leaks (AP)
  8. Pusan festival opens with Korean political comedy (AP)
  9. Oscar wants to know...
  10. Miley Cyrus quits Twitter, deletes account (AP)
  11. Steven Spielberg receives Liberty Medal in Philly (AP)
  12. Johnnie To: It took years to find artistic balance (AP)
  13. Buddies Damon, Affleck are also distant relatives (AP)
  14. US prosecutors want Polanski appeal dismissed (AP)
  15. Director says adaptation of Murakami book faithful (AP)
  16. Sigourney Weaver still committed to gorilla rescue (AP)
  17. I can't get her to sign up...
  18. Sigourney Weaver still committed to gorilla rescue (AP)
  19. Chinese directors pay tribute to quake-hit city (AP)
  20. Fans check in for 'Couples Retreat' with $35.3M (AP)
  21. Filipino directors: Don't pander to festivals (AP)
  22. Megan Fox, Hugh Jackman to appear at `Scream 2009' (AP)
  23. Sendak, ever-untamed, sees `Wild Things' adapted (AP)
  24. Morgan Freeman helps friend in Miss. gov's race (AP)
  25. Capsule reviews: `Wild Things' and others (AP)
  26. Clooney, Streep in London for film festival gala (AP)
  27. Tate Modern replaces nude image of Brooke Shields (AP)
  28. Crypt above Marilyn Monroe back up for auction (AP)
  29. Key winners at Cannes, Berlin compete for Oscars (AP)
  30. Capsule reviews: `Wild Things' and others (AP)
  31. Megan Fox gets top dollar in Armani endorsement (AP)
  32. Lindsay Lohan's probation extended (AP)
  33. Nicolas Cage sues former biz manager (AP)
  34. Tokyo film festival opens with 'green' carpet (AP)
  35. Lawyer says Polanski undergoing medical tests (AP)
  36. New book examines black women's film stardom (AP)
  37. Depp, Richards light up Spike TV's 'Scream 2009' (AP)
  38. Film, TV producer Daniel Melnick dies at 77 (AP)
  39. Adults lead 'Wild Things' $32.5M box-office rumpus (AP)
  40. 'Babel' director Inarritu heads Tokyo fest jury (AP)
  41. Top lobbyist for Hollywood movie industry leaving (AP)
  42. Review: `Astro Boy' never takes flight (AP)
  43. News site founder vows fight in Mel Gibson case (AP)
  44. Weather Channel to air movies for first time (AP)
  45. Nature calls, standup title eludes Dave Chappelle (AP)
  46. AP NewsBreak: Swiss defend Polanski tipoff to US (AP)
  47. Capsule reviews: `Amelia' and others (AP)
  48. Kidman: Hollywood probably contributes to violence (AP)
  49. E-mails: US discussed nabbing Polanski in Austria (AP)
  50. 'To Kill a Mockingbird' actress dies in NC (AP)
  51. Shakeup in Jackson legal team (AP)
  52. US files Polanski extradition request in sex case (AP)
  53. Retrial set in NYC theft of Kirsten Dunst's bag (AP)
  54. 'Paranormal Activity' slays 'Saw' with $22 million (AP)
  55. 'Paranormal Activity' slays 'Saw' with $22 million (AP)
  56. Association marks 20 years of greening Hollywood (AP)
  57. King of Pop aims for king of music film status (AP)
  58. Elizabeth Taylor calls Jackson film `brilliant' (AP)
  59. Thai action star hopes for Hollywood debut (AP)
  60. New movie takes aim at celebrity journalism (AP)
  61. Douglas becomes 2nd Hollywood star visiting Cuba (AP)
  62. Jackson delivers on `This Is It,' early fans say (AP)
  63. Swayze's widow feels sadness 'on a cellular level' (AP)
  64. Capsule Reviews: `Gentlemen Broncos' and others (AP)
  65. Could `Michael Jackson's This Is It' win an Oscar? (AP)
  66. 'Slumdog' kids' truancy threatens their trust fund (AP)
  67. Manager: Dennis Hopper has prostate cancer (AP)
  68. Rapper releases video directed by Heath Ledger (AP)
  69. 1 man dropped from Parker-Broderick surrogate case (AP)
  70. 'Palimony' figure Michelle Triola Marvin dies (AP)
  71. Celebs, lobbyists among White House guests (AP)
  72. Founder of Dead Poets Society visits bards' graves (AP)
  73. Defections, court fights test Scientology (AP)
  74. HBO filmmakers get inside Obama campaign (AP)
  75. Carrey's Scrooge rings in Hollywood holiday spirit (AP)
  76. Mel Gibson and his girlfriend welcome a baby girl (AP)
  77. Oral arguments scheduled in Polanski's CA appeal (AP)
  78. Kate Winslet accepts damages from UK newspaper (AP)
  79. Facebook Boo Boo
  80. What's In a Username?
  81. Review: `Men Who Stare at Goats' has fuzzy vision (AP)
  82. Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin to co-host Oscars (AP)
  83. Zhang says 'Blood Simple' has shades of Chow (AP)
  84. Review: `A Christmas Carol' suffocates in glitz (AP)
  85. Sundance takes a hike with screenings around US (AP)
  86. Capsule reviews: `Precious' and others (AP)
  87. Records: Morgan Freeman settles suit on car wreck (AP)
  88. Tom Hanks, others screen 'Beyond All Boundaries' (AP)
  89. Broadway finds its 'Spider-Man' in Reeve Carney (AP)
  90. Nick Counter, Hollywood studios' negotiator, dies (AP)
  91. Carrey's 'Christmas Carol' wraps up $31M weekend (AP)
  92. 50 years: Kan. town grieves 'In Cold Blood' deaths (AP)
  93. Lawyer: Woods' brother did not get proper care (AP)
  94. Gheorghe Dinica, well-known Romanian actor, dies (AP)
  95. Mondegreens?
  96. Review: The end not soon enough for `2012' (AP)
  97. Review: Humor falls flat in 'Women In Trouble' (AP)
  98. Winnie the Pooh royalties case is back in LA court (AP)
  99. 'Office Space' star Ron Livingston weds (AP)
  100. Scorsese earns DeMille lifetime honor at Globes (AP)
  101. Film honors NYC defense attorney William Kunstler (AP)
  102. Eastwood made French Legion of Honor commander (AP)
  103. Eastwood made French Legion of Honor commander (AP)
  104. IRS papers say Zsa Zsa Gabor has $118,321 tax bill (AP)
  105. Lauren Bacall, Roger Corman to get early Oscars (AP)
  106. `2012' has worldwide box-office bang of $225M (AP)
  107. '2012' has worldwide box-office bang of $225M (AP)
  108. Courteney Cox ready to shriek again in 'Scream 4' (AP)
  109. Fan frenzy at LA premiere of 'New Moon' (AP)
  110. Ohio chief's trial begins in Parker-Broderick case (AP)
  111. Thousands cheer stars of 'Twilight' sequel in LA (AP)
  112. Review: `Broken Embraces' is Almodovar's lastest (AP)
  113. Dugard spokeswoman blasts plans for film on case (AP)
  114. Cage uncuffs inner bad cop for `Bad Lieutenant' (AP)
  115. Oscars choose MTV awards veteran to direct show (AP)
  116. 15 documentary features make Oscar's short list (AP)
  117. Review: Bella mopes through pretentious `New Moon' (AP)
  118. Director Pedro Almodovar is haunted by one taboo (AP)
  119. Bullock in New Orleans for 'Blind Side' showing (AP)
  120. '2012' a home run with patriotic fans in China (AP)
  121. Chief: I didn't try to sell Parker-Broderick items (AP)
  122. Parker-Broderick surrogacy case jury breaks (AP)
  123. Travolta appears at fundraiser in Fla. hometown (AP)
  124. 'New Moon' takes record $72.7M box office bite (AP)
  125. 'New Moon' wolfs down $140.7M in opening weekend (AP)
  126. 'New Moon' wolfs down $140.7M in opening weekend (AP)
  127. Fox CEO wants US to join France on Internet piracy (AP)
  128. Review: `Ninja Assassin' sports a dull blade (AP)
  129. Capsule reviews: `The Road,' `Ninja' and others (AP)
  130. Filmmaker Tyler Perry donates $1M to Rights group (AP)
  131. Why is it so quiet on here?
  132. Capsule reviews: `The Road,' `Old Dogs' and others (AP)
  133. Kingsley to play Mogul emperor who built Taj Mahal (AP)
  134. Polanski wins $4.5M bail, house arrest likely (AP)
  135. Polanski wins $4.5M bail, house arrest likely (AP)
  136. Polanski awaits house arrest at Alpine chalet (AP)
  137. Polanski prepares for luxury Alpine house arrest (AP)
  138. Swiss: Polanski to be held until at least Monday (AP)
  139. Teen boy fragrance recommendations?
  140. Arabian Horse Foundation begins Swayze scholarship (AP)
  141. Arabian Horse Foundation begins Swayze scholarship (AP)
  142. Swiss ready Polanski's chalet for house arrest (AP)
  143. E-mail and a view: Polanski heads for house arrest (AP)
  144. Walken comes to B'way in new Martin McDonagh play (AP)
  145. Review: De Niro shines in 'Everybody's Fine' (AP)
  146. Actor-comedian Tom Arnold weds for 4th time (AP)
  147. West Coasters and Cyber Monday
  148. Audrey Hepburn's designer gowns hit auction blocks (AP)
  149. Capsule reviews: 'Up in the Air' and others (AP)
  150. Top Asian cameraman expresses distaste of digital (AP)
  151. `Twilight,' `Sopranos' stars bound for Sundance (AP)
  152. New 'toon continues Disney trend toward diversity (AP)
  153. McCartney pens song for DeNiro film about widower (AP)
  154. Affleck, Holmes, Stewart, Fanning join Sundance (AP)
  155. NBR names `Up in the Air' best film of the year (AP)
  156. Roman Polanski begins house arrest in Gstaad (AP)
  157. No SR Exchanges This Year??
  158. Polanski's house arrest is a splendid captivity (AP)
  159. Nicolas Cage wins UN award for humanitarian work (AP)
  160. Mexican governor: Gibson to make film in Veracruz (AP)
  161. Kennedy Center honors Springsteen, De Niro, others (AP)
  162. Romania: Briton sentenced in filmmaker's death (AP)
  163. `Blind Side' goes on offense with $20M weekend (AP)
  164. Review: Eastwood continues streak with `Invictus' (AP)
  165. Family Game Suggestions?
  166. Topless photo of Polanski, Tate auctioned in NYC (AP)
  167. Help Stocking stuffers for DS 5 years old
  168. Hepburn's dress takes nearly $100,000 at auction (AP)
  169. Depp promotes latest movie, but hasn't seen it (AP)
  170. Eastwood, Freeman back in saddle for `Invictus' (AP)
  171. Capsule reviews: `Invictus' and others (AP)
  172. Cameron's 'Avatar' has premiere in London (AP)
  173. Providence performing arts center dinner locations....
  174. Audacious actress got close to the president (AP)
  175. Cameron's 'Avatar' premieres in London to cheers (AP)
  176. Pee-wee Herman's big comeback (AP)
  177. AP review: Effects wow but story limps in `Avatar' (AP)
  178. AP critics Germain, Lemire pick decade's top films (AP)
  179. Correction: Decade-Film story (AP)
  180. `Princess and the Frog' hops to No. 1 with $25M (AP)
  181. Johnny Depp can't get used to winning awards (AP)
  182. Obama's brother turns down film role (AP)
  183. `Avatar' joins tradition of the Hollywood colossus (AP)
  184. Review: Bridges is brilliant in `Crazy Heart' (AP)
  185. The buddy cop genre lives again on `NCIS' spinoff (AP)
  186. New James Patterson Series
  187. List of nominees for the Golden Globe Awards (AP)
  188. Alleged Jennifer Garner stalker in custody (AP)
  189. Once an underdog, Reitman now an Oscar favorite (AP)
  190. Need Help Finding Item
  191. Company: Roy Disney, nephew of Walt Disney, dies (AP)
  192. Cookbook help girls!
  193. Disney biographer remembers Roy E. Disney (AP)
  194. Little Johnny says....
  195. AIDS group wants rule requiring condoms in porn (AP)
  196. Rep: Melanie Griffith had skin cancer surgery (AP)
  197. CA board to consider requiring condoms in porn (AP)
  198. Paparazzo crashes bike into Anne Hathaway's car (AP)
  199. Hugh Grant returns to films after 2-year absence (AP)
  200. Jackson's 'Captain EO' to return to Disneyland (AP)
  201. Cameron's 'Avatar' takes off with $27 million (AP)
  202. For people along the east coast and NE...how much...
  203. Crews called to home of Brittany Murphy's husband (AP)
  204. Actress Brittany Murphy dies in LA at age 32 (AP)
  205. Jackson's death voted top 2009 entertainment story (AP)
  206. Family: Brittany Murphy was ill days before death (AP)
  207. Does anybody else feel like the ad for Target...
  208. Venice festival honors Woo with lifetime award (AP)
  209. Gilliam preserves Ledger's last bow on `Parnassus' (AP)
  210. Coroner looking into leak of Brittany Murphy info (AP)
  211. Cher auctions Hawaii home; estimate at $8M to $12M (AP)
  212. James Cameron: China should let more movies in (AP)
  213. Funny Site!!
  214. Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins split after 23 years (AP)
  215. Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins split after 23 years (AP)
  216. Sarandon, Robbins split after 23 years together (AP)
  217. Small, private funeral for Brittany Murphy (AP)
  218. Small, private funeral held for Brittany Murphy (AP)
  219. Small, private funeral held for Brittany Murphy (AP)
  220. Was Santa Good to You??
  221. `Avatar' wins record box office weekend (AP)
  222. Merry Xmas in Hollywood: Box-office record falls (AP)
  223. Waits goes to the devil in Gilliam's `Parnassus' (AP)
  224. Disney sees superhero dollars in Marvel unknowns (AP)
  225. Capsule reviews: `White Ribbon' and others (AP)
  226. Tim Allen goes `Crazy' directing 1st feature film (AP)
  227. What are your 2010 Sunshine Goals
  228. Mother Teresa, Gene Autry on upcoming US stamps (AP)
  229. New Years Resolutions
  230. Lawyers: Sheens want to reconcile despite arrest (AP)
  231. My 2009 Book List
  232. Movie director Jackson named a New Zealand knight (AP)
  233. Obama family goes to the movies to see 'Avatar' (AP)
  234. 'You Light Up My Life' songwriter settles lawsuit (AP)
  235. Muslim-Hindu punk rock bands part of new movement (AP)
  236. `Avatar' rules with $68.3M, tops $1B worldwide (AP)
  237. Group in NYC picks 'Hurt Locker' as best 2009 film (AP)
  238. Feeding Hollywood's elite takes months of planning (AP)
  239. Morgan Freeman replaces Cronkite on CBS voiceover (AP)
  240. 'Couples Retreat' actor Vince Vaughn marries (AP)
  241. `Avatar,' `Trek,' 8 others score Producer noms (AP)
  242. Battery charge dismissed against Gerard Butler (AP)
  243. 'Avatar' races to $4.8M opening day in China (AP)
  244. 'Avatar,' 'Trek,' 'Potter' among Oscar VFX seekers (AP)
  245. DeGeneres, 'Proposal' win early People's Choice Awards (AP)
  246. 2 films pulled from festival over Dalai Lama doc (AP)
  247. US museum exhibits celebrate Elvis Presley (AP)
  248. Review: Stars and Irish scenery carry 'Leap Year' (AP)
  249. Chinese box office take surges 44 percent in 2009 (AP)
  250. `Avatar' is such a smash it's lifting News Corp (AP)