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  1. Marvel sues to keep Spider-Man, X-Men copyrights (AP)
  2. Charlie Sheen tapes first show since felony arrest (AP)
  3. 'Avatar' remains in orbit with $48.5M weekend (AP)
  4. Townsend replaced in Marvel Comics tale `Thor' (AP)
  5. Some see racist theme in alien adventure 'Avatar' (AP)
  6. Film preview: Iron Man, Shrek, Harry Potter return (AP)
  7. Boulder film festival to honor Alec Baldwin (AP)
  8. `Up,' `The Hurt Locker' top Golden Tomato Awards (AP)
  9. Cybill Shepherd's son charged in mid-air thefts (AP)
  10. Review: Fine acting buoys shallow `44 Inch Chest' (AP)
  11. 'Glee,' 'Modern Family' among GLAAD nominees (AP)
  12. Kate Hudson, Ashton Kutcher presenting at Globes (AP)
  13. Capsule reviews: `Book of Eli' and others (AP)
  14. Chow says Confucius will succeed along with Avatar (AP)
  15. Cast of `The Hangover' to appear at Golden Globes (AP)
  16. `Precious' star transformed from `random girl' (AP)
  17. B'way awaits the arrival of a delayed 'Spider-Man' (AP)
  18. `Basterds,' `Avatar' early Critics' Choice winners (AP)
  19. Sandra Bullock gives $1 million to Haiti relief (AP)
  20. Movie on man who cut off arm to escape boulder to be filmed in Utah (AP)
  21. Preparations under way for Golden Globes (AP)
  22. Globe nominees mix wild fantasy, harsh reality (AP)
  23. Cameron's `Avatar' wins best drama honor at Globes (AP)
  24. King Cameron redux? `Avatar' aims for Oscar glory (AP)
  25. Golden Globes shines with TV audience boost (AP)
  26. Anyone feel like a little SR promoting?
  27. Dennis Hopper, battling cancer, files for divorce (AP)
  28. Wes Anderson makes indelible endings a trademark (AP)
  29. Brittany's mom, husband say drugs didn't kill her (AP)
  30. Brittany's mom, husband say drugs didn't kill her (AP)
  31. John Cena talks about latest film (AP)
  32. LA film producers to be sentenced in bribery case (AP)
  33. Capsule reviews: `Tooth Fairy' and others (AP)
  34. Prosecutors say they contacted Polanski victim (AP)
  35. 'Up in the Air' author Kirn flying high with film (AP)
  36. Bail in millions for 'You Light Up My Life' writer (AP)
  37. Stars unite to help Haiti in telethon (AP)
  38. "Guys and Dolls" actress Jean Simmons dies at 80 (AP)
  39. Buy Twilight Stuff Fan Page
  40. 'Basterds,' 'Precious,' '30 Rock' lead SAG Awards (AP)
  41. 'Inglourious Basterds' wins SAG film award (AP)
  42. 'Avatar' tops box office for sixth-straight week (AP)
  43. 'Avatar' tops box office for sixth-straight week (AP)
  44. 'Hurt Locker' wins Producers Guild Award (AP)
  45. Tracking the awards leading up to the Oscars (AP)
  46. John Travolta to pilot plane to Haiti (AP)
  47. Travolta lands in Haiti piloting relief supplies (AP)
  48. Referrals
  49. 'Precious' aims to extend Sundance's Oscar glory (AP)
  50. Hopper's wife claims coercion in divorce filing (AP)
  51. China: Theaters must meet domestic movie quota (AP)
  52. Michael Douglas' son pleads guilty in NY meth case (AP)
  53. 'Poltergeist' actress Zelda Rubinstein dies at 76 (AP)
  54. Joan Rivers promotes 'A Piece of Work' at Sundance (AP)
  55. Oscar producers promise fun, energy, innovation (AP)
  56. Travolta says faith helped him through son's death (AP)
  57. Miramax offices close, Disney says brand continues (AP)
  58. Idaho ski resort owned by Bruce Willis reopens (AP)
  59. Bigelow, Cameron, Tarantino vie for directors honor (AP)
  60. Rip Torn charged with breaking into Conn. bank (AP)
  61. Bigelow, Cameron, Tarantino vie for director honor (AP)
  62. Kathryn Bigelow tops directors with 'Hurt Locker' (AP)
  63. 'Avatar' wins box office, nears domestic record (AP)
  64. Taylor Swift, Beyonce rule the Grammy Awards (AP)
  65. `Avatar,' other hits vie for expanded Oscar field (AP)
  66. 'Avatar' has 7th weekend on top with $31.3 million (AP)
  67. It's top-10 time as Oscars reveal expanded lineup (AP)
  68. 'Avatar,' 'The Hurt Locker' lead Oscar nominations (AP)
  69. Capsule reviews: 'From Paris With Love' and others (AP)
  70. My new blog
  71. 'The White Ribbon' top contender for foreign Oscar (AP)
  72. For us old folks...and you youngsters remember this...
  73. Time Warner posts 4Q profit, raises dividend (AP)
  74. `Avatar' tops $600M, beats `Titanic' domestic haul (AP)
  75. Review: The moody noir of `Terribly Happy' (AP)
  76. Coroner: Pneumonia, drugs killed Brittany Murphy (AP)
  77. Review: Travolta plays action hero in `Paris' (AP)
  78. Miranda Kerr: Banker shouldn't lose job over photo (AP)
  79. Geoffrey Fletcher is `Precious' (AP)
  80. Leif Garrett charged with heroin possession in LA (AP)
  81. Alba not flattered by attempt to look like her (AP)
  82. 'Dear John' bumps 'Avatar' with $32.4M debut (AP)
  83. 'Dear John' bumps 'Avatar' with $32.4M debut (AP)
  84. Lawyer: Pitt and Jolie sue over split claim (AP)
  85. Del Toro says he has soft spot for monsters (AP)
  86. HK studio behind 'TMNT,' 'Astro Boy' shuts down (AP)
  87. Pierce Brosnan reveals the character actor within (AP)
  88. Cruise suits up for `Mission: Impossible IV' (AP)
  89. Uzbek filmmaker convicted for slander (AP)
  90. Angelina Jolie visits Haiti with UN refugee body (AP)
  91. Counting to 10 is complicated for Oscar's best pic (AP)
  92. Big year for Austrians at the Oscars (AP)
  93. Dennis Hopper, wife, agree to stay away order (AP)
  94. Hindu activists disrupt Bollywood star's premiere (AP)
  95. Polanski film debuts, Swiss vow no extradition yet (AP)
  96. Polanski film debuts, Swiss vow no extradition yet (AP)
  97. Scorsese, DiCaprio join again in 'Shutter Island' (AP)
  98. Stuntman and actor Bobby Hoy dies at 82 (AP)
  99. 'Valentine's Day' courts $52.4M opening weekend (AP)
  100. Prison thriller dominates Spanish film awards (AP)
  101. Walters' 29th annual Oscar special to be her last (AP)
  102. Oscar nominees share lunch, light and sober talk (AP)
  103. Hollywood loves a bad boy: Oscar shows a dark side (AP)
  104. Don't laugh...
  105. Keener, Holofcener present comedy in Berlin (AP)
  106. Review: `The Good Guy' is subprime Wall St. drama (AP)
  107. 3 weeks to go: Oscar producers share challenges (AP)
  108. Getting to know you
  109. Review: Racial drama `Blood' recalls a torn South (AP)
  110. Artists behind Oscar-nominated songs won't perform (AP)
  111. 'Harry Potter' author hit with plagiarism lawsuit (AP)
  112. Kathryn Grayson, star of '40s, '50s musicals, dies (AP)
  113. Capsule reviews: 'Shutter Island' and others (AP)
  114. Judge: Lindsay Lohan complying with probation (AP)
  115. Sean Penn charged with battery in Los Angeles (AP)
  116. Hilary Duff engaged to NHL player (AP)
  117. 'Hurt Locker,' 'Up in the Air" win WGA top honors (AP)
  118. 'Hurt Locker,' 'Avatar' face off at UK film awards (AP)
  119. `Shutter Island' makes waves with $40.2M debut (AP)
  120. 'Hurt Locker' wins best picture at UK awards (AP)
  121. Actor Andrew Koenig missing in Vancouver (AP)
  122. Cyrus, Efron, Stewart, Lautner join Oscar show (AP)
  123. Review: `A Prophet' displays visionary talent (AP)
  124. Wal-Mart to buy digital movie provider Vudu (AP)
  125. Easy to find LA celeb hangouts during Oscar season (AP)
  126. Mo'Nique prepares for more than the Oscars (AP)
  127. What perfume did you wear in your teens
  128. Review: `Crazies' taps into our fear of infection (AP)
  129. Baldwin warms up in NYC before Oscar co-host gig (AP)
  130. Review: `Cop Out' falls shy of its inspirations (AP)
  131. Michael Douglas' son denied bail in NY meth case (AP)
  132. Review: 'Little Big Soldier' innovative for Chan (AP)
  133. Are celebrity gift suites souring some? (AP)
  134. Redford collaborates on New Mexico film program (AP)
  135. Winners of the 41st NAACP Image Awards (AP)
  136. 'Lockergate'?: Producer apologizes for e-mails (AP)
  137. I saw some Merci Chocolates at Target yesterday
  138. 'A Prophet' wins French film industry top prize (AP)
  139. Roger Ebert gets 'voice' grandkids can recognize (AP)
  140. Bonham Carter maintains wicked streak in `Alice' (AP)
  141. Hollywood film tackles Taiwan's martial law era (AP)
  142. Funds sought for ill 'Stand and Deliver' teacher (AP)
  143. Review: `Brooklyn's Finest' is not so fine (AP)
  144. 'Hurt Locker' producer barred from Oscars (AP)
  145. Veterans criticize Cameron for A-bomb book defense (AP)
  146. 4 days to go: Oscar producers move into the Kodak (AP)
  147. Same category, same film? Oscar win's not likely (AP)
  148. $5 million judgment against Clive Cussler reversed (AP)
  149. Gifts, parties and celebs: L.A. readies for Oscars (AP)
  150. Michael J. Fox named honorary doctor in Sweden (AP)
  151. Viewers are poised to flock to Oscarcast this year (AP)
  152. Oscars arrive with predictability out of picture (AP)
  153. Glover: Help Ohio plant, shun Hugo Boss at Oscars (AP)
  154. 'Transformers,' Bullock make Razzies worst list (AP)
  155. 'Avatar,' 'Hurt Locker' lead expanded Oscar parade (AP)
  156. `Avatar,' `Hurt Locker' lead expanded Oscar parade (AP)
  157. The popular Mr. Clooney and other Oscar vignettes (AP)
  158. Veteran Oscar reporter offers view from audience (AP)
  159. Girls Gone Wild associate fined $5,000; no prison (AP)
  160. Oscar's big question: How did David slay Goliath? (AP)
  161. Review: `Our Family Wedding' surpasses stereotype (AP)
  162. Fawcett omission from Oscar segment no accident (AP)
  163. Review: `Green Zone' is a failure of intelligence (AP)
  164. 'Lost Boys' actor Corey Haim dead in Calif. at 38 (AP)
  165. Corey Haim prolonged tragic Hollywood tradition (AP)
  166. Witherspoon: First lady is DC's top fashionista (AP)
  167. Disney to release Indian film in southern dialect (AP)
  168. NYC ex-model sues over use of photo in comedy film (AP)
  169. Chavez thanks Sean Penn for slamming his critics (AP)
  170. Authorities: No illegal drugs found in Haim case (AP)
  171. Authorities: Haim's name on illegal prescription (AP)
  172. Hong Kong awards to honor Indian actor Bachchan (AP)
  173. 'Alice' extends her No. 1 stay with $62 million (AP)
  174. 'Mission: Impossible' star Peter Graves dies in LA (AP)
  175. Filmmaker Tim Burton gets French cultural honor (AP)
  176. British actress Kate Winslet splits from husband (AP)
  177. St. Patrick's Day Traditions?
  178. Review: Stiller reveals new depth in `Greenberg' (AP)
  179. Review: Stewart, Fanning glam it up in `Runaways' (AP)
  180. `Toy Story' creator Pixar earns theater award (AP)
  181. `Toy Story 3': Woody, Buzz face abandonment issues (AP)
  182. Review: Aniston and Butler in `The Bounty Hunter' (AP)
  183. Bullock backs out of premiere for personal reasons (AP)
  184. Atty: Ex-NY art dealer to admit nearly $100M fraud (AP)
  185. Fess Parker, TV's `Davy Crockett,' dies at 85 (AP)
  186. Fess Parker, TV's `Davy Crockett,' dies at 85 (AP)
  187. Demi Moore's Twitter account part of suicide help (AP)
  188. Final book in 'Fablehaven' series due out Tuesday (AP)
  189. 'Alice' still reigns at box office with $34.5M (AP)
  190. `Alice' still reigns at box office with $34.5M (AP)
  191. Taylor: Del Toro to give 'Hobbit' new look (AP)
  192. Ben Affleck launches aid group for eastern Congo (AP)
  193. Cell phones...
  194. 'Alice in Wonderland' wins again with $34.2M (AP)
  195. MGM studio says has received several rescue offers (AP)
  196. Review: 'Vincere' offers tragedy (AP)
  197. SC filmmaker: Channels showed porn, not his comedy (AP)
  198. Butch Cassidy sequel filming in Bolivia; no 'Kid' (AP)
  199. Review: `Hot Tub Time Machine' is lukewarm soak (AP)
  200. Divorce attorney says Dennis Hopper is dying (AP)
  201. Review: `Waking Sleeping Beauty' documents Disney (AP)
  202. Capsule reviews: `Train Your Dragon' and others (AP)
  203. Roger Ebert plans to produce new movie review show (AP)
  204. Facinelli capitalizing on 'Jackie,' 'Twilight' (AP)
  205. Upstate NY film museum gets Technicolor collection (AP)
  206. A frail Dennis Hopper gets Hollywood star (AP)
  207. Cyrus, Swift up for Kids' Choice Awards (AP)
  208. Taylor Lautner wins early at Kids' Choice Awards (AP)
  209. Lautner, Miley Cyrus win Kids' Choice Awards (AP)
  210. 'Dragon' stokes up box office with $43.3M debut (AP)
  211. 'Dragon' stokes up box office with $43.3M debut (AP)
  212. Fans can choose nominees for MTV Movie Awards (AP)
  213. Review: 'The Last Song' plays the same old tune (AP)
  214. Review: Grief goes by the book in `The Greatest' (AP)
  215. 'How to Train Your Dragon' smokes up $43.7M debut (AP)
  216. Walking on Sunshine
  217. Rip Torn pleads not guilty in Conn. bank break-in (AP)
  218. Teacher who inspired 'Stand and Deliver' film dies (AP)
  219. Judge finds accused Garner-Affleck stalker insane (AP)
  220. Swiss to decide on Polanski after Calif. ruling (AP)
  221. Review: Li adds dramatic footwork to `Warlords' (AP)
  222. Jennifer Hudson becomes Weight Watchers rep (AP)
  223. Actor Malkovich in legal drama over Madoff claim (AP)
  224. Friend says Jesse James wants to save marriage (AP)
  225. Bolivia to name Escalante posthumous 'ambassador' (AP)
  226. 'Titans' battles to No. 1 spot with $61.4 million (AP)
  227. 'Titans' battles to No. 1 spot with $61.4 million (AP)
  228. Jolie, Pitt visit people displaced by Bosnian war (AP)
  229. Judge settles key issues in Hopper divorce case (AP)
  230. OJ Simpson acquittal suit goes to Newseum in DC (AP)
  231. Random thoughts...
  232. Kirk Douglas seeks leniency for convicted grandson (AP)
  233. Bernsen starts Soap Box Derby filming in Ohio (AP)
  234. Roman Polanski attorneys plead to end case (AP)
  235. Lau hopes sci-fi film breaks new ground (AP)
  236. US bill would create annual Ronald Reagan Day (AP)
  237. Mel Gibson to donate movie sets to Mexican museum (AP)
  238. 'Trek' fans, want Picard's chair? It's for sale (AP)
  239. Raabe, 'Wizard of Oz' Munchkin actor, dies at 94 (AP)
  240. Raabe, 'Wizard of Oz' Munchkin actor, dies at 94 (AP)
  241. 'Titans' clashes with 'Date Night' at box office (AP)
  242. 'Titans' clashes with 'Date Night' at box office (AP)
  243. Streep would like to thank the (arts) academy (AP)
  244. Brazil: Cameron, Weaver protest against Amazon dam (AP)
  245. Astronauts mark anniversary of Apollo 13 drama (AP)
  246. Video news agencies face restrictions at Cannes (AP)
  247. 1913 Lincoln film found in NH barn cleanup (AP)
  248. 1913 Abraham Lincoln film found in NH barn cleanup (AP)
  249. Review: `Joneses' offers clever, if slim satire (AP)
  250. AP: No legal action in 'Jon & Kate' labor probe (AP)