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  1. What do you do for exercise?
  2. Would anyone be up for an Exercise Challenge?
  3. Exercise Trackers
  4. Favorite Work Out DVD's
  5. The official August 2007 Exercise Challenge
  6. August 2007 Exercise Challenge Accountability Buddy
  7. Any competitive couples?
  8. A couple questions
  9. Eww Blisters
  10. Why are you working out?
  11. How did everyone do last week?
  12. So what are your favorite workout songs?
  13. Yoga Booty Ballet Kit
  14. Exercise Challenge Check in: End of Week 2
  15. What happened to my exercisers??
  16. Hey Buddy - Magical JenK! I have a special challenge for you!!!
  17. Need Running Advice
  18. Thank you Sunshine Team for my Exercise Challenge Gift
  19. Well, I am officially out of the exercise challenge for a little while.
  20. Final Stats for August Challenge
  21. Exercisers: Its time to get moving in September. What's your goal?
  22. Any Exercisers who Work Full Time and Have Small Children???
  23. Wide World of Sports Half Marathon and Marathon
  24. Anyone else heading to the gym?
  25. Fitness Pass
  26. I need exercise/RUNNING shorts
  27. I Did It!!! I Ran My 1st 5K
  28. Biggest Loser
  29. September Exercise Challenge
  30. September Update/Status Check in
  31. Sept Week 3 Exercise Challenge check in!
  32. Dancing With the Stars Cardio Workout
  33. October Exercise Challenge
  34. Stuck in a Slump
  35. My First 5K is Tomorrow!!!
  36. What's going on with my tape measure???
  37. Ooops! November Exercise Thread
  38. Fitness...Gamer Style
  39. December Exercise Challenge
  40. So... what kind of workouts do ya'll do?
  41. New Years Resolution started yesterday.
  42. What's on your iPod??
  43. January Exercise Challenge
  44. Exercise buddy sign up for January
  45. I've started...
  46. Buddies Needed!
  47. Weekly Diet/Exercise Check In
  48. God blessed me with boobs and no butt....
  49. Ab Video
  50. Marathoning for Mortals - Bought the Book!
  51. Free Pass-24 Hour Fitness
  52. What is your workout routine?
  53. April Exercise Challenge
  54. Sweatin to the Oldies
  55. Exercise Ball
  56. The Firm Review #1
  57. Do any of you ladies bike?
  58. Anyone interested in starting a SparkPeople Group?
  59. Ok, I need to be realistic here...
  60. Got my WiiFit today!
  61. Tricia! A moment of your time please??
  62. Wii Fit
  63. Is anyone up for a mini challenge?
  64. August Exercise Challenge - Check In!
  65. Join the SR SparkTeam!
  66. Anyone Zumba?
  67. Ooops September Exercise Challenge
  68. I'm Bringing Sexy Back - The October 2008 Exercise Challenge!!!
  69. Can't Hold Us Down!--The November 2008 Exercise Challenge!!
  70. Wii Fit- Jillian Michaels
  71. January 2009 Exercise Challenge
  72. Wii Fit - do you wear shoes
  73. Wii Fit, 89.95 and Free shipping
  74. iPods - what is playing on your workout mix right now?
  75. 2 Wii Fit questions
  76. Should I get a Wii Fit?
  77. New Wii Fit-like game coming in May!
  78. Wii Fit problem
  79. March Diet & Exercise Challenge
  80. Jillian Michaels - 30 day shred workout
  81. My Fitness Coach for the Wii
  82. Wii Fit users, has this happened to you?
  83. Hydroxycut Recalled by FDA
  84. Wii Fit connection issue?
  85. Bender Ball
  86. Physique 57
  87. Anyone have an iPhone?
  88. Perfect workout combo on sale
  89. Wii Fit Accessories (everlast)
  90. Anyone Zumba yet? I did it last night!!!
  91. Skechers shape ups?
  92. Let's Get Moving!
  93. Shin splints!!!
  94. I have to brag....
  95. Yoga/Yogalates
  96. Protein drink needed
  97. Anyone up for a journey?
  98. So Tired of the Roller Coaster!!
  99. WOW - instructor training!
  100. Anyone up for an August Exercise Challenge?
  101. October Exercise Challenge
  102. November Exercise Challenge
  103. January Challenge
  104. Back to Mini Training
  105. Half marathon training
  106. Treadmill help!
  107. Fitbit Users?
  108. Any PiYo Fans?
  109. Beachbody's Newest Strength Training Program