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07-01-2007, 09:40 PM
Anyone care to venture on the shelf life of Wyler's Light sugar free single serve drink mixes?

The have a good deal at my Walgreens now, $5.00 for a box of 50, and occassionally I see them at Dollar Tree, but few and far between.

I was going to stock up for December, but if they are at that discount I'm sure they've been around awhile. I bought one box today, tastes fine.

Can't find an exp date anywhere inside or out of the box or on packets :confused:

07-01-2007, 10:17 PM
I think the key is not letting moisture get to them. I would think they would be perfectly fine in December as long as they haven't started to crust up at all from humidity or moisture. I'm pretty certain that I have used kool-aid packets and crystal light even a year later.

07-01-2007, 10:43 PM
Cool! I'll stock up. I have a bunch of Walgreen rebate cards burning a hole in my pocket :D

Thanks for the info!

07-02-2007, 01:39 PM
Years ago, I collected Kool-Aid flavors that were no longer made. My mother-in-law gave me two packets of some flavor that was considered "rare". They were already a couple of years old.

Silly me stored them in a drawer in the kitchen with other stuff. Years later, one of my kids decided to make something to drink and used those Kool-Aid packets. So five years or so later, they still tasted fine. :rotfl:

m 'n c
07-02-2007, 04:22 PM
I think they should be fine. I audited a grocery store and a grocery store supplier a few months ago and the shelf life of some of their products is shockingly long - enough to where they don't have obsolete inventory.... As long as you store it properly you should be ok.