View Full Version : FREEBIES: Air Filter Oil, Wedding DVD, Greenies, Zoes Granola, Lamkin Golf Grip, Eucerin, Pantene

07-25-2008, 10:41 PM
Hi all :) Todays freebies:

Quick Time Air Filter Oil - This is for a free sample of air filter oil. It's recommended for extending the life of any sort of air filter, including auto, home, etc. - phone # is not required:


Maui Wedding DVD - Thinking of getting married? In Hawaii? This one's a free DVD to help you with your planning. Really easy form, no phone # required:


Greenies - This is for a free sample of Greenies Pill Pocket Treats. You insert the medicine into the treat, give to your pet, and hope they fall for it! :)


Zoes Granola - This is for a free sample box of Zoe's Granola. Receive the sample by joining their panel - I generally find these types of panels to be interesting, not take up a lot of my time, and you can usually get some pretty good coupons and/or free products:


Lamkin Golf Grip - One free grip per household, for golfers. This will also register you for the chance to win 12 dozen golf balls. No phone # required:


Eucerin - This is for a free sample of Eucerin Redness Relief Cream. Really easy form:


Pantene - This is for a free sample of Pantene Color Expressions:



~ Rachel

07-26-2008, 11:10 AM
Thanks Rachel! Love the Greenies Pill Pockets and I'm sure my Lucky will too :clap: