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07-28-2008, 03:16 PM
I'll join in also!! I'd like to lose about 10 pounds before my hubby comes home!! We are going on a 'just us' vacation :) - I think it may be neat to see how differently we all are doing it!

I don't do weight watchers either but I just try to watch my overall calorie consumption and eat healthy. So here we go:

Monday July 28th:

Slept in until 9:00 today lol (my last day off work): Had a big glass of water with lemon while waiting for the coffee to brew, and over the next 2 hours had 3 cups of half/caf coffee with Sugar Free French Vanilla Coffee-Mate (15 calories per tablespoon). Followed this with another big glass of water.

**Coffee = 45 Calories

Didn't eat until 1:00 today because time gets away from me when I am working on the site, but I had a mixed bowl of cereal.
1 Cup Total (125 calories) and 1/2 cup Just Bunches (about 175 calories) with 1 cup 1% milk (110 calories)

**Breakfast/Lunch = 400 Calories

Dinner at 5:00: Made my low-fat homeade chicken pot pie tonight. I had one small serving (at the most 400 calories - hard to figure homeade stuff sometimes so I guess high) and about a cup of steamed broccoli with spray butter (40 calories). For dessert I had 1 cup light ice cream (200 calories)

**Dinner = 640 Calories

Overall Calorie Intake Today = 1085 (Doesn't seem like a lot but I feel bloated today and just really didn't feel hungry)

07-29-2008, 09:55 AM
Back to work for me today! This is a good thing. I am a creature of habit and need to get back into my routine!

Woke up at 6AM: Started day with large glass of water with lemon while waiting for coffee. Had three cups of half/caf up intil 8AM.

**Total 45 Calories

8:30 AM - One egg + three whites (120 calories) scrambled using Pam and added one wedge of Laughing Cow Garlic and Herb Cheese (35 calories). Plus one cup 1% milk (110 calories) - Still feeling bloated today so going to go light on the carbs.

** Total for Breakfast = 265 Calories

11:00 AM - Special K 100 Calorie Rasberry Chocolate Cereal Bar + Bottle of Powerade Zero throughout the morning.

1:30 PM - 6" Ham Sub Loaded with Veggies and Southwest Sauce (320 Calories) + Bag of Light Baked Chips (140 calories) + Bottled water

** Total for snack + Lunch = 560

5:30 PM - Made homeade vegetable/lentil soup tonight (350 Calories) Followed with a big bowl of light ice cream (300 Calories)

** Total dinner/dessert = 650

Total So Far For The Day: 1520

My goal is to eat no more than 1500 calories a day so I went 20 over, but that ice cream was sooo good :)

07-29-2008, 10:00 AM
Sounds good so far Andrea!! Maybe counting calories is the way I should go too- sounds like that might work for me.

Can you post the pot pie recipe? I would love to make a low fat version!

07-29-2008, 03:22 PM
Sure! I never measure so I never do anything the exact same way twice LOL But this is the gist of it. We like a chunky potpie with a lot of sauce. But this is very versatile. If you want more/less of anything, I'd start with less (you can always add more).


1 10.75-ounce cans 98% fat-free cream of chicken soup (you can also use cream of mushroom)
2 Cups 99% Fat Free Chicken Broth
2 Cups Skim Milk
1/2 Teaspoon Poultry Seasoning
1/2 Teaspoon Onion Powder
1/2 Teaspoon Garlic Powder
3 cups Chicken Breast diced (I boil mine and then dice it up)
3 cups frozen mixed vegetables (my mix has corn, peas, carrots, and lima beans)
Salt and pepper to taste

2 cups reduced fat all-purpose baking mix (like Biscuick)
1-cup skim milk
2 eggs
Pinch of salt and pepper

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. In a deep pot, combine soup, liquids and seasonings. Whisk together until smooth and bring to a boil. Add the chicken and vegetables. Turn heat down and let this simmer until the vegetables are tender. Add salt and pepper to your taste. I like to thicken it up a bit with cornstarch and water at this point. Just mix 2 tablespoons cornstarch with 2 tablespoons water and add a little at a time, stirring constantly, until it is as thick as you want it.

Pour this into a baking dish sprayed with Pam. The one I use is oval and is probably about 8" wide by 12" long. We like a lot of crust. You just don't want it to be too full or you won't have room for your crust to rise.

Whisk baking mix, milk, eggs, salt and pepper together until blended and has no lumps. Pour over chicken and vegetables until completely covered. Bake for 30 minutes, or until the top is golden brown. If it isn't good and brown after 30 minutes, turn the heat up to 450 and just watch it until it is as brown as you want it. I like to spray the tope of the crust with butter spray about 10 minutes before taking out of the oven.

To figure the calories, just write down the calories of everything you put into it. Divide the total by the number of servings you get out if it. I like the mix with the lima beans because they add some fiber too. I made this up because we love potpie. I looked on the back of a frozen one I had bought and was appalled to see how horrible they are for you. I have two big guys that can put down some food, so I had to come up with something that makes a lot and is pretty hearty. There is no added fat to this either, so it is just much healthier all the way around! I usually serve this with a big salad.

07-29-2008, 03:24 PM
Thanks so much!! It sounds great! I don't measure either so I understand lol. I really love pot pies, but like you I was shocked to see how horrible they are. Can't wait to give this a try when things settle down next week!! Thanks!

07-29-2008, 03:35 PM
This sounds yummy..... I will have to try it when I can have carbs again.

07-30-2008, 11:09 AM
Stomach was all messed up this morning so I have no desire to eat, but on my way to work I am going to get a sub for my lunch when I get hungry.

Woke up at 7AM: Started day with large glass of water with lemon while waiting for coffee. Had three cups of half/caf with SF French Vanilla Creamer up until 10AM.

**Total 45 Calories

1:00 PM - Well lunch was going to be Subway but my boss got me 2 Chicken Gordita Supreme from Taco Bell. I was starving by the time we got lunch, so I ate them both @ 290 each! My lunch ended up being a total of 580 calories. Not the healthiest choice but they sure tasted good! I have been doing good with my water today though!

4:00 PM - Snack Light Cheesestick (70 calories) and about a cup of celery(19 calories) with SB ranch (70 calories)

**Total 159 Calories

7:00 PM - Dinner was 2 cups of my veggie/lentil soup (350 Calories) followed by a 100 Calorie Reeses Stick and a cup of 1% milk for dessert (110 Calories)

**Total 560

Total For Day: 1344 (I was excited to see I stayed under my 1500 in spite of Taco Bell lol)

m 'n c
07-30-2008, 11:33 AM
yumm. I forgot how tasty pot pie can be. I'm going to try that recipe out as soon as I can cook again.

Hope you feel better soon.

07-31-2008, 02:56 PM
July 31st

Woke up starving today but held off until after my coffee (have to have my coffee/computer time)

7AM: Large glass of water with lemon while waiting for coffee. Had three cups of half/caf with SF French Vanilla Creamer up until 9AM

**Total 45 Calories

9AM: Peanut Butter/Jelly Sandwich (270 calories) with one cup 1% milk (110 calories). I got light on the PB and use the Healthy Life Double Fiber Wheat (love it) and it is 50 calories a slice. The jelly I use is Sugar Free Blueberry Jelly that I buy at Whole Foods and also love it because it is 100% fruit and is not too sweet.

No Snack today trying to drink a lot of water. So I had 2 16-ounce bottles throughout the morning.

12:30 PM: 6" Ham Sub Loaded with Veggies and Southwest Sauce (320 Calories) + Bag of Light Baked Chips (140 calories)

5:00 PM: Made Tater Tot Casserole tonight. I kept track of everything I put in it and it actually turned out to be not so bad. One serving was 494 Calories. For dessert I had one package of 100 Calorie Reese Sticks with a glass of 1% milk (110 Calories)

**Dinner/Dessert 704 Calories

Total Today = 1479

I have two huge 5 day conventions coming up Gen Con Indy and Dragon Con Atlanta. We leave in 2 weeks for the first one, come back and the leave the following week for the next! They wine and dine us at wonderful restaurants every night and I always gain weight!! I am going to do my modified version of the cabbage soup diet the week before we leave. It is always good for a quick 5 pounds! LOL

07-31-2008, 03:09 PM
Sounds like you are doing good! You are motivating me to drink more water. I found that it was easier to get my water in when I worked because I always had a bottle of water at my desk. I need to work on that.

At least you can plan your eating before your trips to help minimize the gain!

m 'n c
07-31-2008, 03:16 PM
Yumm PB&J. Gotta love those sandwiches and you figured out a way to make it lighter! I buy the Kroger No sugar added Strawberry Jelly and have finally gotten use to it after eating 1 jar. I will have to look and see if they have something more "fruit derived" there.

07-31-2008, 03:21 PM
Just edited it! Forgot to add the calories in the peanut butter :rolleyes:

08-01-2008, 07:19 PM
August 1, 2008

Slept in until 9 today!

9AM: Large glass of water with lemon while waiting for coffee. Had three cups of half/caf with SF French Vanilla Creamer up until 10:30AM

**Total 45 Calories

10:30AM: Big bowl of scrambled eggs. I used one whole egg, three whites and a wedge of Laughing Cow Garlic and Herb Cheese. Plus one glass 1% Milk - I am going light on the calories and carbs today since tomorrow we will be eating out all day!

** 265 Calories

Drank two bottles of water before lunch

1:00PM: One whole can of Progresso Light Soup (120 Calories) + 2 Slices of Healthy Life Double Fiber Wheat Bread (100 Calories) toasted and sprayed with butter spray.

** 220 Calories

One 32 ounce bottle of Powerade Zero between lunch and dinner

5:00PM: The remaining Veggie/Bean soup I made the other night (300 Calories) followed by one 100 Calorie Reese Sticks with a glass of 1% milk (110 Calories)

**510 Calories

I won't eat again today. I'd like to get to bed early since we have a VERY early morning.

Total For Day: 1040

Way below my goal but I feel like I have eaten a lot today :clap:

08-03-2008, 10:19 AM

April 2nd we went to Opry Mills and ate at Romano's which was OH so good but I know sooo bad for me lol - The Moose Munch from Harry and David later that day was also very good :o But hey I did very good with my water yesterday lol ;)

Today my sister is making me my (late) birthday dinner so I am not even going to bother counting calories. She is making a traditional Italian feast (can you tell we love our Italian food lol). The best thing I can do today is drink my water, eat light up until dinner and watch my portions!

** Update: Just returned from the day at my sisters. Everything was so good! I feel like a stuffed pig :sick: I think I have ate more calories in two days than I have all week! I haven't done well with exercising the last few days either. I am looking forward to getting back on track tomorrow!