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05-05-2007, 11:17 PM
I am wanting to learn more about renting DVC points, to see if we can MAYBE afford to go to Disney this July before heading to the Tampa area for my nephew's wedding. I feel stupid posting questions on the DVC rental thread on the DISboards, everyone seems so knowledgable there. I have looked at the info at Mousesavers and checked out some of the points calculars and such, but is there anything specific I should know before researching any further. Or any other places I should look for info?

Any info would be appreciated, either by response here, or PM. Thanks!

05-06-2007, 08:40 AM
We rented out our points to someone a few years ago. Essentially, it happens like this:

You figure out which days you want and where you want to go. Then you go look at one of the point calculators on www.wdwinfo.com or (maybe) www.allearsnet.com and figure out how many points that would be. Say it is 140. Figure on about $10 a point--so $1400. Compared to what you would be spending at other hotels on site at the same time, is that a good deal? Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn't. Keep in mind that you CAN add DDP, but not ever free dining.

So then you find someone on the DIS DVC board who is renting out their points for about $10. They will tell you their "use year" or when the points need to be used by. If their home resort is the place that you want to stay, they can book it 11 months in advance. If it is not, they can book it 7 months in advance.

Make them an offer for the total point value you need. The closer the date, the less points they will take for it. They will then need to call and try to get the dates that you want. They can make the reservation in your name, I think. They will get a confirmation number and you can actually call to make sure that it is legit.

Then you give them the money and hope that they are on the up and up. The risk comes in finding someone who is not a fraud. Most likely if you stick with the DIS and someone who has posted on their for a long time and maybe even posted on their in past years about renting out their points. Or ask one of the timeshare resellers on there in a PM if they know anyone personally renting out points this year.

One last note. Plan a vacation that starts on a Sunday morning and ends on a Saturday afternoon. It's the most bang for your buck. DVC nights are REALLY expensive on Friday night and Saturday night. But every other night tends to be extremely reasonable. So if you are looking at "about" a week, try to skip one weekend night.

05-06-2007, 09:00 AM
Thank you Tricia...that is the kind of info I needed. I have started to reasearch a bit, but the basics you provided are very helpful!!!

05-06-2007, 09:15 AM
I've also rented from someone on the DIS. it was a bit scary because i sent quite a large chunk of money to a complete stranger, but she really came through for me and I for her. her husband is military and wouldn't be home from iraq in time to use their points for the year. so i saved her from losing them.
i have to say that although we were able to get our room for about $90 per night at OKW and it's a nice resort, it wasn't that much better then pop century, the pool area is much nicer, but at the time it only had a limited food court.
the good part was that we were able to buy the dining plan without buying park tickets, being florida residents we got that discount.
another good thing is that we didn't pay those high hotel taxes.

05-07-2007, 10:47 AM
Tricia pretty much summed it up..most people are willing to give references. Also if you do a search on that person..you will usually see a thank you or someting. Don't feel stupid to ask questions...there are some really nice people at the dvc board. I only have 14 points to roll over so I know that wouldn't be much help. Good luck!!!

05-15-2007, 08:00 AM
There's just one small change to Tricia's post and that's that you are not able to speak with Member Services if you are not a DVC member. They will now only speak to the owner of the DVC points. Good luck in your search!