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07-29-2007, 04:41 PM
I have had it!!! I am tired of hounding my kids about cleaning their rooms, putting dishes away, etc. etc. etc....

I am going to make up a chore chart. They would like allowance (which they do not get now. We have always believed that they are part of the family and they need to do their part. We have given them money for extra chores that they do not normally do)

BUT, my son will be 13 in December, and I think a little money management would be good for him - along with my 10 & almost 7 year old.

I do not want to give them money if they do not finish their chores. So I need a good chore chart. I like to see what they did all week and also I do not want to hound them. I figure if I get on them, they will still have to do their chores, but won't get paid for them. But if they do them on their own, they will start getting allowance.

Any guidance would be appreciated!


07-29-2007, 04:55 PM
Me, too. I want/need a chart. I started my girls on allowances a couple yrs ago. I want them to learn how to manage money, make decisions to spend/save, etc. And, I am sick of staying on to them about doing their chores. I know all the money pros say they should x amt of money for being part of the family, however, I don't get paid for being part of the hospital. I actually have to work and my salary reflects what I do and how well I do it.

07-29-2007, 05:13 PM
I agree. We will sit and wait....maybe someone out there has a great idea for a chart. I would like to get it done and in place before school starts.


07-29-2007, 05:15 PM
We have found that chore charts don't work for us. Instead, I make a list of what they are expected to do for the day. They really like the list for some reason. I think because I will include my dh and myself on the list as well.

DD10 will start on her items on the list right away to get it done and over with. That usually motivates DS12 because he thinks she is making him look bad. :rotfl:

When they are done with the items on their list, they are free to do what they want.

I think the list works better than the chart for us because we are all list people - we are always making lists of what we need to do, buy, sell (on ebay and amazon). I also think they like to cross off what they have done so it is gone.

07-29-2007, 05:30 PM
Our chore chart is really a list too. I make one for each day and it has both of our chores on it (mine and my daughters) - I print them out about a week at a time and we put them on the refrigerator..the only difference is that hers has a dollar amount beside them (most are .05 - .10).

She can't turn on the TV/play video games, get on the computer, go to visit friends/family, etc till certain AM chores are done and then the same goes for after lunch with the pm's and after dinner with the nights...her list is not that intensive - She's 6 - soon to be 7.

During the school year, studying and then making 100's on weekly tests are on there too (test are worth .50)...If she does everything on her lists all week (she checks them off as she does them), she can earn about $5. (She earns Disney Dollars as this motivates her more than regular money).

This has worked for us since about February (when I got tired of hounding her).

07-29-2007, 10:44 PM
My DS has been hounding me about getting an allowance. My kids are bad too about doing it without being told. The one thing my DS has brought up was the cup we used to do. I would write their chores on slips of paper and put them in a cup. I would also put fun things on slips too. It would be things like have a juice and cracker break, 30 minutes of tv time, etc. They would actually pull out fun thing and put them back in sometimes because they didn't want to waste all the fun things too soon. This was more for a Saturday cleaning day thing, not a daily thing.
I had been tossing the idea around of having my 2 kids sit down and help me make a list for each day and they have to have them done. The bad part is they will get home before me and it will be harder for me to monitor if they have done them before they started watching tv or anything.
Good luck is all I can say!

07-30-2007, 12:19 AM
We really don't use a chart in our house. It is more of a list and an idea of what is expected. Both of my children are young - DD5 and DS just turned 4. We started when DD turned four that she was expected to do certain things everyday in order to get her money on "payday" - Friday. Her list was make her bed(in the morning), put away all toys before bed, and listen to Mom during the day. At first I would remind her about the bed and toys at night. Then, I started to ask if she did everything that she needed to do. As time went on, I asked less often. My her fifth birthday, it was understood that if I have to remind her to do her chores she would not get her full allowance for the week. She has only had a few deductions to figure out that I mean business and she better do everything or I keep the money. Now my DS is going to be a different story. For his birthday, we discussed that he would have the same list as his sister when she was four. But, I knew that he would not do well with the idea of getting paid weekly. So, Dh and I started that he will be paid nightly for doing his chores. The first week we were very lax so that he would get some money in his piggy bank and enjoy the sound that the coins make when you shake it. Then, we have slowly puled in the rope. At first he thought that he would still get his money even if he didn't do everything - it has been many weeks and he has yet to get the whole amount. My mom thinks that I am being too harsh but he is slowly coming around. His sister has been reminding him about the bed and toys at night. It is so funny to hear her ask if his bed is made or his toys picked up? :rotfl:
I keep the list posted on the side of the refrigerator so that they can look at it anytime and we can discuss what they need to do in order to get the full allowance.

07-30-2007, 03:40 PM
We don't use a chore chart, but a ticket system. Each child has a list of "chores" with a ticket value. Then we offer tickets for good behavior, being helpful, doing something nice for a sibling etc. We also take tickets away as discipline.

We have a laminated list of rewards they can exchange their tickets for: cash, movie rental, having a friend sleepover, dinner out, a pass to not do a chore for the day, ice cream run etc. It has worked VERY well and we've used it for years.

07-30-2007, 06:01 PM
Well... I think I am going to have 7 envelopes for each child. Chores Sunday-Saturday. In the envelopes I will have 3 X 5 cards with different chores on them. When they are done, they need to take that particular card out and place it in their "cubby" (not sure what that will look like yet). Each chore will have a value amount on it.

The kicker is, is if they do not get their chores done in a timely manner - certain chores need to be done before school, RIGHT after school, etc. - they will not get paid, but they will still have to do it or they will owe ME money. Also they will not get paid if I have to remind them.

How does it sound?