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08-02-2007, 04:06 AM
1. Once you reach your $100.00 mark are your you automatically a super member or do you have to wait for a full quarter?

2. What are realistic goals to set each day, so that you dont get burned out. Does any one minds sharing your goals?

3. Do new offers come around and about how often? or is it once your done doing all the offers your done?

4. What can you use Disney giftcards on? Food etc?

Thanks Tink:sunshine:

By the way I just want to tell you I love Sunshine Rewards. I plan on telling everyone! Thanks Trish! and everyone else.:sunshine:

08-02-2007, 04:49 AM
Hi! I'll try to answer, I'm sure many will have more to add...

1. Super Member...You have to wait for the quarter to end. Then all current SM will be stripped of their title ( :rotfl: which sounds so much worse than it is :rotfl: ). Then they will email all new SM informing them how to access the special parts of the site.

2. Daily Goals...I do the paid click if I see it, the scratch off, daily survey and about 2-3 small freebie offers. If a freebie is still in my pending 1 week later and I haven't seen on the forum it takes longer than that to credit, then I move it back into the available list to try again. If my budget allows, shopping is usually an easy credit. I only do the bigger offers if it is something I really want or need, like a book club or whatever. I rarely do trial offers unless I really really want to try it.

3. New Offers...Tricia adds as many new offers as she can find. They don't run out, but there may be dry spells, then they'll pick back up. She is always on top of letting us know what is going on, and we usually know in advance if it will be slow or whatever.

4. Disney GC...They can be used for alot at Disney...food, park tickets, rooms, packages, souvies. The only thing that might not are some outdoor cart types, like the ice cream or popcorn, and a few things in Downtown Disney. I paid for my 8 day room entirely with gift cards this year :cooldance:

Good luck! It is fun, sometimes frustrating, but always somebody to commiserate with and lift your spirits!

My best advice is to take daily surveys very slow. If you don't qualify keep trying, even right after it says you have none to qualify for. I managed to get 30 this month and if they keep the bonus going it is a very easy (well when you qualify) $29 per month. Also if you have others there of different age groups or gender that will help a great deal in getting them. Also can try using a different valid email.

ETA: Weekend nights there is usually some kind of game going on in the forums, they are great fun, and you can win some neat prizes. I won a $10 gift card for Landry's / Rainforest Cafe a few weeks ago. I think they have them in the arcade also, but I stink at games so someone else may be able to fill you in there, no eye hand coordination for me at all!

08-02-2007, 12:50 PM
Thanks cglaura. That was a lot of really good information. I appreciate it! :cooldance:

08-02-2007, 02:36 PM
It's really good that you asked about SM status ahead of time. I didn't ask, and when I hit $100 I was incredibly bummed that I didn't automatically get in! When I thought about it, I understood, but because I hadn't even thought about it ahead of time, I had to sulk for a day or so (and I don't like sulking). :)

disneygiftcard dot com (if that's not right, add an S to card) gives you all the info you need about the gift cards. You can even use them to pay off your travel package (assuming you're staying on site). And they don't expire.

I never thought I'd make much $$ here, and I remember specifically it was the Blockbuster deal that helped me turn the corner in both earnings and mentally. Once I got that amount, it all became very obvious that it was doable.

I've been doing more and more shopping (shoebuy is great), and that adds up, as do the surveys!

I haven't done as many paid trials as others might have (though I've done a few), and those are nice, but I only use a debit card, so I try to be careful who I give the number to. :)

Good luck!

oh, and I'll second the suggestion to go SLOW when taking surveys. Read each question thoroughly and a word at a time, and really think about your answer (yes, even "male or female"), because if you go too fast you can get disqualified from the survey (which is FRUSTRATING when you've answered many questions in it already).