View Full Version : FREEBIES: Coloring Bk, Motorcycle DVD, Tree Seeds, Recipe Book, Music, Aquafresh

03-18-2009, 12:09 AM
Hi all :) A few freebies for today:

Coloring Book - This is for a free Toby the Train coloring book, provided by Norfolk Southern:


Motorcycle DVD - BMW is giving away free Motorcycle Stunt DVD's. There are a few questions to be answered here (basics about whether you ride and if you currently own). You are not, however, obligated to receive any further communication from them - uncheck the boxes at the bottom for that:


Tree Seeds - Receive free tree seeds from TreeDazzled. The site says they are currently shipping giant sequoia and sugar pine, but the offerings can change. In order to receive your seeds you will need to leave a comment somewhere on the website. It can be short, but must make sense. You will receive at least 10 free seeds and you can request them every two weeks:


Recipe Book - This is for a free Bread Breakthrough recipe book, provided by Fleischmanns. I received an error message on my first try on this one so went and verified the information and tried again - it went through the second time:


Music - This is for a free Walton Music Sampler. The 2008 CD is no longer available but there is a link here to take you to a page where you can receive the music online. There are 42 songs on this page available for download, and this music is choral. There's a wide variety of genres. You can also request a free 2009 Walton Music Sampler CD from this page:


Aquafresh - This is for a free sample of Aquafresh - you will need to click on the "free sample" link on this page - after inputting your info. you will be able to print a coupon for a free (I believe it's trial size, up to a $1.29 value) coupon:



~ Rachel:heart: