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12-02-2007, 11:57 AM
Just thought this would be fun to see what everyone does and it might give some ideas to others. What are some of your favorite Christmas/ holiday traditions? Anything from giving pajamas on Christmas Eve to your favorite movies. So, what are your traditions/ favorite things???

It's not feeling very Christmas-y here with 70 degree weather! And I need a distraction right now to keep my mind off of this week...lol

12-02-2007, 12:17 PM
A Christmas Story has to be watched at least once during the month. At least, but usually more than that. (24 hours of A Christmas Story, anyone?)

My mom has started the PJs on Christmas Eve thing, because I really like my jammies. :)

And my favorite thing, even though my brother and I long ago stopped believing in Santa, my mom still does stockings for us on Christmas morning (we open gifts from each other on Christmas Eve).

12-02-2007, 12:51 PM
We do the traditional pajamas on Christmas Eve. My parents did that when we were kids and now I do it. But I also but myself pajamas and wrap them too. :) I have bags with my kids names on them and those hold the jammies evry year so they know which one they get to open.

When I was a kid my mom would take my sister and I to see the Nutcracker at the play house in the next town over. This year we are taking my daughter for the first year. I cannot wait to start sharing in this tradition with her.

12-02-2007, 01:50 PM
We are also a Christmas Eve pajama family. I buy and wrap new jammies for everyone, including DH and myself. We LOVE the 24 hours of A Christmas Story - LOL! We usually watch it atleast once all the way through and then the TV stays on all night and we watch bits and pieces as we are doing other things. DH and I like to watch it as we are wrapping Santa gifts and filling the stockings.

12-02-2007, 02:27 PM
Every Christmas eve, the girls get new pj's (washed and warmed from the dryer) then they get dressed grab a blanket and go driving around looking for Christmas lights.

When we get home, they go to bed and DH and I watch Christmas movies and finish wrapping presents. I usually fall asleep on the couch and he wakes me up with homemade cookies and milk. He won't cook, but baking cookies is an art to him!!:rotfl:

We have a very lazy Christmas, we don't even leave our jammies.:D

12-02-2007, 07:10 PM
We drive around town on Christmas Eve to look at all the lights on houses. We make sure to visit one neighborhood that does the luminaries. It is really neat how it ends up looking.
Our holiday meal is always tacos. It is so easy and less fuss. We talked about going back to a more traditional meal one time and everyone flipped out and insisted that we keep it the same, so tacos it is.
A Christmas Story is also watched every year. DS who is 11 this year always insists on checking out the Norad Santa watch site.

12-02-2007, 07:22 PM
the only thing i can think of that we do every year is make reindeer food and throw it out back so that rudolf can find our chimney.

and of course, we have to watch christmas store at least once.

12-02-2007, 07:55 PM
We do the jammies, on Christmas Eve, too. Our family get together is that day, also, at my mom's.

On the last day of school, kids go half day. I always went to their Christmas party but now DD12 doesn't have one,and before long neither will DD9. :( After they get out of school, we head to Opry Mills for the rest of the day to shop, eat and watch a movie.

Of course, there are tons of Christmas movies/shows. They are outgrowing some, I would love to watch Elmo's Christmas, but they look at me like I am nuts. :rotfl: Just takes me back to when they were still babies.

12-02-2007, 08:17 PM
We go to my parents for a week over Christmas every year. We get up on Christmas Eve morning and go out for lunch with my parents, sister and her family. Then we all go downtown Cincinnati to the mall and walk around and stop at a little shop and we all get hot chocolate.

We come back and do the jammy thing also. We read the Christmas story in the Bible and off to bed.

It definitely is one of my favorite days of the year.

12-03-2007, 12:20 AM
We have a huge Christmas party at our house every year. All the nieces and nephews, my parents, cousins, and grandparents all come to my house. It is a lot of fun and one of the very few times we are all completely together.

12-03-2007, 08:53 AM
We always watch a Christmas Story, its on the entire 24/7. Then, theres the hanging "Merry Christmas" that Tricia made in grade school. We hang it every year right out where everyone can see it. Its like a long hanging mobile, its getting tattered and torn, but its not Christmas without it. In fact, it was a major issue in my divorce.

12-03-2007, 10:33 AM
Christmas Eve day people are coming and going at my house......sort of a time for my friends to pop by for a quick visit and the kids all exchange little presents to each other.......then we have Christmas Eve Mass and my oldest Sydney (8) just started to participate in the Pagent last year......she was a great sheep! Next we head home and get food and gifts ready so that we can head over to my cousins house (luckily she is only 3 streets over from me...I love that I have lots of family that still live in my neighborhood....we all grew up here and all seemed to buy houses here when we got older).....my uncle Desi usually dresses up as Santa (and 'officially' scares all of the little ones who aren't use to this yet) and we eat, and eat and eat....well you get the picture..........

I love this.........Christmas Eve is a wonderful night for us........once the girls get their fill of food and merriment we head home (remember the whopping 3 blocks) and they snuggle in their beds waiting for St. Nick.................I on the other hand start to arrange all of the presents under the tree and usually don't head to bed until after 1 am

I wouldn't have it any other way.

Christmas morning.........presents galore with all of our new jammies on, of course!....and christmas music playing in the background.......I always make cinnamon rolls and tea for us to enjoy while we are all frantically ripping at the wrapping paper to see "What did you get!!"

Dinner is either at my house, my parents or my sisters.........this year it is at mine..........that reminds me I need to figure out what I am making!

Keep the traditions coming........I love hearing all of this.........

Oh and the one other tradition that I have is that my girlfriend Noelle (yes a december baby) and I go out shopping the day after Christmas every year.....we don't even care if we buy anything....it is our own time where we can chat about the holidays, find some great bargains....have an adult lunch (no cutting anyones food) and just enjoy!!!!! ( even did this the year I was pregnant with Sadie, born 1/15, and one year we had a huge christmas snow storm..........) Nothing will come in the way of that tradition!

12-03-2007, 11:14 AM
:christmas: On Christmas Eve, the kids and I make Lasanga for Christmas Eve dinner. Then we go to the Christmas Eve service. The kids sing during the service. After the service, we take our time going home looking at all of the Christmas Lights.

When we get home the kids get dressed into their new PJs, then they go outside with my mom and sprinkle Oatmeal out for the Reindeer, then they put out glitter on our front lawn so that the Reindeer know where to land. We put out carrots, cookies and milk out for Santa, and then listen to "The Night Before Christmas"

Then the kids go to bed, and then my mom and I usually end up finishing wrapping the presents. Then we arrange the presents, and go to bed, usually no earlier than 1am.

The kids usually wake up around 6 am, this isn't too bad, considering I used to get up at 3am when I was younger!

We always stay home for Christmas, so I'm always cooking, but it's not always a full house. We'll visit our families throughout the week up to New Year's Day. So usually we have at least three more Christmas celebrations after Christmas. The kids really enjoy getting more presents throughout the week!

I'm enjoying all the Christmas Traditions! Thanks for the thread. :christmas:

12-05-2007, 04:33 PM
We always have Christmas Eve with the inlaws. The last few years, it has been at FIL and his SO's house. We have a formal dinner, open presents and then dessert. Then we drive home which is about an hour and 15 minutes. The kids fall asleep on the way so we lay them down when we get home and get out the presents and assemble any that need assembled. We always go to my parents on Christmas morning so we open stockings and part of the presents here then go there. We eat breakfast there and have a big holiday meal later.

12-05-2007, 04:48 PM
Our Christmas Eve tradition comes from my mom's family who is 100% Polish.

We attend Christmas Eve mass and then head over to my parents. We have a traditional Polish Christmas Eve dinner which features 12 meatless dishes (represents the apostles) usually includes: clam chowder, rolls, ceasar salad, pierogies (cheese filled), saurkraut, peas & carrots, mashed potatoes, salmon patties, fish, mac & cheese, another veggie, and kolaches.

We start the meal when the sun sets and break opatek which is like a communion wafer (flat bread made out of just flour and water) that has been blessed. We pass it around the table and then say a prayer for our family those present and those missing.

After dinner we open some of the presents and then head home.

On Christmas we spend the morning opening gifts and eating breakfast and then head over to my Mom's later in the day. Of course since there is no meat on Christmas Eve, there is plenty on Christmas Day!!:) Usually there is ham, smoked kielbasa, fresh kielbasa, and turkey along with lots of other stuff.

Then we head home to relax and watch "Ralphie" with our chinese take out (duck, of course). :rotfl:

12-05-2007, 05:16 PM
On christamas eve we go to my husbands grandma's have dinner and open gifts. Then on x-mas day, we open gifts at home, then head over to my mil's have breakfast and exchange gifts, then we go to my fil's for a late lunch and more exchanging of gifts. Then the weekend after x-mas, we get to do it all over again with my family.