Did anyone start today?

  1. 3dog2kidmom
    I weighed this morning and was horrified to see that it's official... I now weigh more than I've ever weighed in my life. Even 9 months pregnant

    But the good news is day one is over. It gets easier, right? It's 7:08 and I'm done with the meager amount of food I was allowed for the day: 1 slice of whole grain toast w/peanut butter, 24 almonds, a big salad w/cold cuts cut up on top w/ranch dressing, light mozzarella cheese stick, and for dinner a half can of progresso soup with 8 low fat wheat thins and half a serving of grapes. I can tell I'll have to go to bed VERY soon because I am still hungry. Sigh. I hate being fat. I am counting my extra walk to and from the car today as exercise. Baby steps!
  2. sunshinecindy
    I would have added a side dish of applesauce or fruit with dinner. Also, in the evenings, I usually drink a cup or two of hot tea, that seems to really help me.

    Glad you are on your way. yes, it does get easier. In fact, after a couple days, I was forcing myself to eat the snacks, now I look forward to them cause they are usually a yummy chocolate fiber bar.

    I look at it this way, I didn't get fat overnight, its not going to come off overnight, so, patience is definately a key, and finding something else to do except eat. Boy, my house sure is clean, laundry caught up and I've shredded 20 years of income tax papers and all kinds of things I would not have done before. Even the dogs get brushed daily. LOL
  3. ligrumpygirl
    I am there with you, Shelly! I started today (Tuesday is weird I know but I was off from school yesterday and used that day to go shopping) and I too am hungry. I have a headache but I think that is from no caffeine. I have not had any diet soda today today and only one cup of coffee.

    I DID get on the WiiFit last night. That thing is NOT nice to you when it weighs you and tell you measurements. Hoping to get on there every other night and work my way up.

    On a good note...passed up chocolate covered pretzels (MY FAVORITE) at the store today...for only $1! I usually love them at this time of the month (yes I have that issue now too!) but I walked right past them! Not sure if that is or !
  4. 3dog2kidmom
    Good job passing on the pretzels, Janet!! And on the Wii fit. I haven't gotten any real exercise in this week yet. I always seem to start a new diet during that time, too. Not this week though - I must be living right or something...

    We went to DS' baseball game tonight and we ALWAYS have beer, brats, and a pretzel with cheese. None of that tonight. I did stop for a half pumpkin spice cappucino/half black coffee... not perfect but it kept me from eating or missing the other things (plus it was cold outside so it's perfect). Two days down... !!
  5. ~Kathie
    I've been on the diet since last week and I've lost 2 lbs. Not much but better than nothing.

    Keeping going.
  6. spring
    Great job, Shelly, Janet and Kathie! Remember you can eat regular foods at dinner time, but only half of what you would normally eat. That is what is saving me from total disaster and boredom. I've only lost 3 pounds in the past 1 1/2 weeks I've been on this diet, but I'm happy that I've lost at least SOMETHING for all my sacrificing. Not sure if I would have been able to pass on those chocolate covered pretzels, though. Good for you, Janet.
  7. sunshinecindy
    Actually, I think the slower we lose, even thought its nerve racking, the better we will keep it off. Plus remember, we probably gained it by 2 or 3lbs a week, so its not going to come off properly much better.
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