How are you doing?

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  1. 3dog2kidmom
    I wanted to pop in and give a weekend update...

    Yesterday was challenging since we had DS' football game in the morning, went to watch the high school homecoming game in the afternoon, and the annual end-of-year BAASH at the baseball fields last night complete with $1 beers and free hotdogs, and they have the best soft pretzels w/cheese sauce anywhere but Disney . BUT, I am proud that I planned ahead and had my Fiber One bar for breakfast and coffee while they ate McDonalds; 1/2 a turkey sandwich and low fat cheese on a thin sandwich round w/carrots for lunch while they ate junk at the game; and a salad w/ham before we left for the Bash. Snacks were right on track with low fat cheese & venison stix too, and I did have two Bud Selects but they are low carb and I did a lot of walking yesterday. Those grilled hot dogs sure smelled DELICIOUS last night!!!!! But I resisted and am planning to make Casey's my very first stop @ the Magic Kingdom on the 22nd
  2. 3dog2kidmom
    (... continued)

    Today I did plan to have movie popcorn as my lunch and will have my lunch salad at dinner. Had egg/cheese breakfast so as to limit carbs today to popcorn. I ended up only eating half the bag, and drum roll please.... a bottle of water, no soda - what a weird combination.

    I went grocery shopping and got Fiber Ones on sale for snacks or breakfast if the fam doesn't get ahold of them. They also try and eat my almonds and the baby goldfish I sparingly put on my salads. Hopefully the junk food I bought them will keep everyone away from my goodies. In addition, I picked up some Progresso 0 point veggie and Healthy Choice Tomato Basil soup in microwaveable bowls so I can have easy low cal dinners if I don't have time to make anything or if I get tired of salads for lunch I can sneak a bowl of soup in there once in awhile. Also picked up the makings for WW Cheese & Potato soup and I'll make chili Tuesday. So I think I have the tools for another successful week at hand!
  3. sunshinecindy
    Shelly, you are doing great. I'm jealous. I need you to come cook and shop for me.

    My lunch today was chinese and my salad for dinner instead. Amazingly, I only had the Chicken Chow Mein, all white meat, and no rice, ala carte. I could only eat half of the dish they brought me which I would have normally wolfed down with the soup and egg roll. Then when I got home, I had a glass of grapefruit juice since it speeds up your metabolism and burns up fat naturally. For dinner was a nicely dressed salad with my yogurt dressing, yum, sans the meat, couldn't find any I wanted, and not being much a of meat eater, its fine with me. Haven't been able to exercise this weekend though, so tomorrow, its back to it, sore heel or not.

    Yesterday turned out fine, even though it was a saturday. I cooked a Barber chicken for dinner, and had a little fake mashed potatoes and the heart healthy white shoe peg corn, no butter or salt.
  4. ligrumpygirl
    DAMN WII FIT! Said I gained everything I lost...there is NO WAY! I did it twice and it changed both times. Could be that I am doing it on a rug??? I got so mad at it I went and exercised for 15 minutes! Maybe it does it on purpose? I have a cold coming and I still did the damn Wii!
  5. sunshinecindy
    I have found that different places and angles I set it on the rug, give me different readings. And oh ya, the clothes thing makes a difference too.
  6. 3dog2kidmom
    Janet you are doing great no matter what the Fit says! Maybe mine will come today since I'm off and I can do it. Otherwise some dogs will get a walk.
  7. amarazas
    Hey Ladies - you are all doing great! Unfortunately I haven't started the diet that has been put up here. I have really high cholesterol and I'm not sure of some of the content of fat that is with the diet. Although, I have tried to work parts of the diet into my diet. Eating at the times suggestion, whenever possible. I do think that eating smaller portions throughout the day is probably better than not eating anything until three meals a day.

    I also picked up some beef jerky, which has really helped in the afternoon. But I need to watch which ones I pick up from the store. Eating a salad (or similar) for lunch has been working out so far; but then when we run out of salad, I tend to eat leftover dinners, just trying to keep it more veges than anything.
  8. amarazas
    I've been exercising three times a week at the Y; no weight loss yet... but I'm still hanging in there.

    I also have problems with soda... and I'm happy to say that I haven't been drinking soda. I've cut myself back... I used to drink one soda a day, now I'm trying to take it back to no sodas (Which is really hard...But I'm trying!!)

    I'll keep ya updated!
  9. 3dog2kidmom
    Welcome, Amy. That soda habit can be a tough one. You are doing great -- I think with any plan if you make small changes they can add up. I have not noticed that there is much fat in this diet. The cheese is low fat, you could use egg substitute instead, and there are lower fat varieties of salad dressing so if you're interested in it I sure wouldn't let that hold you back. Great job on the exercise!
  10. 3dog2kidmom
    Well I am happy to report that I have found an exercise that I love!! My Wii Fit came yesterday and I couldn't love it more. Step Aerobics are my favorite and I have done it last night and this morning already. Can't wait to keep unlocking more advanced Step moves

    I am NOT fond of the voice that tells me I'm obese though More incentive to keep working at this...
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