Boston area SRers!

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  1. Hedy
    Hey all! Welcome!
  2. ~Kathie
    DH is a Yankees Fan (yes there are Yankees fans in Rhode Island) but I'm coming to the SR Boston meet. LOL Looking forward to seeing everyone!
  3. Sunni
    Hello all! Ty for the invite. I can't wait to meet eveyone! We are Boston Red Sox Fans. However, I am a bigger Celtics Fans...always has been....forever.
  4. nicholfamily5
    I haven't read about a meet! I'm soooo in! And how bout them Sox last night????
  5. jl8595
    Howdy! Just found the group. Can't wait to meet everyone!!
  6. kerry34
    Hey everyone!! Thanks for the invite. Working on getting to the meet as we speak.
  7. spring
    Thanks for the invite. Looking forward to meeting all of you!
  8. speechteachri
    Hey all. Just got home from a few days camping in NH. Thanks for the invite. Can't wait for the Boston meet 'n greet!
  9. pbhall13
    We are getting closer to our meet everyone getting excited??? I know I cannot wait to meet everyone
  10. bs4free
    WOOT This Meet is only 300 Miles from my House I think I might be able to make that
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