Houston area SRers

  1. LyndaM
    Great idea! I love being invited to 'social groups'!
  2. nurseminnie76
    Sounds like a great idea. I need to talk to Kimberly (as soon as she gets back from WDW) and Lynda about the Kenny concert anyway. Wondering if we are still going to try and get together beforehand?
  3. Blessing and Miracle
    Blessing and Miracle
    Wonderful idea! I've been meaning to contact you guys. If you all want copies of those pictures from our meeting, I can upload them to your nearest Walgreens and you can pick them up. Let me know.
  4. tinkerbell81
    Thanks for the invite!! I am new to SR and would love the opportunity to meet some of you ladies
  5. m 'n c
    m 'n c
    Glad yall all found this. Lisa, I'll definitely get the address of my walgreens so you can send some pics my way.
  6. Belle
    Thanks for the invite. I knew m 'n c & Blessing and Miracle were from the Houston area, and I'm glad to see others. I live in Willis.

    You gals going to see Kenney on Sat.? I wanted to get some of those $10 tickets so badly, but my nephew's b-day party is at the same time. :-(

    I look forward to getting to know each of you better.

  7. Mom2aPrincess
    Yea. Great idea to have this group!!
  8. Belle
    Catherine- I just posted on your engagement thread about the grooms cake. I would be glad to help you plan your wedding in any way that I can. If you need someone to work behind the scenes on your big day, I would be glad to do that as well. I especially love to take photos, but I am no pro by any means. I just love weddings. My anniversary is July 17.

    Lynda- How was the concert?
  9. m 'n c
    m 'n c
    Thanks Belle! So far we are down to DJ and Limo (and my dress) so it's going well. It will be those little details that kill me. lol

    BTW I started a new thread to feel everyone out for another get together. Ideas and thoughts are much appreciated.
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