Any tips to share?

  1. pattip03
    Anyone willing to recap and share any tips from last night's chat?
    I can't believe it... but I'm not hungry!!!!!!
  2. spring
    There were a lot of good tips, but the ones I remember most were changing the hardboiled egg to a poached or scrambled egg in the morning (more palatable by my standards), putting tuna on a bed of lettuce instead of a chef salad for lunch, and dressing up your chef salad with seeds and other healthy ingredients. Cindy also mentioned she likes the chocolate granola bars made by TLC for an afternoon snack. There were other suggestions, but I'm blanking out at the moment. Perhaps someone else with a better memory than me will jump in.

    I agree, I do not feel hunger, either. Sometimes I forget to have my snack, so I'm trying to be more aware of that.
  3. sunshinecindy
    A few more tips I had were instead of the whole grain slice of toast in the morning I sometimes have a whole grain Kashi waffle. I also use the polamer jelly instead of peanut butter at times. I sometimes eat switch what I eat for snacks and breakfast around too.
  4. ~Kathie
    Cindy switching the snacks and breakfast items is a great idea. A granola bar for a snack is an added option for me since I can't have cheese.
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