Well, DH wanted to do another long run again this morning. We did about 5.5 miles. The kids got up earlier today and we got out about an hour earlier than yesterday- big difference in the temperature! I also filled 2 water bottles 3/4 full of water last night and froze them. Then filled the rest with water before we left and threw in another bottle of just water...worked great. At our halfway point in the run, they were at least half melted and had some nice cold water. I told him to go down to the next intersection this time before we turned around...then I realized it was a big ol' hill! I tried to tell him nevermind, but he said nope you called it . But, at least I had a nice down hill to start the way back!

It's supposed to be a litte cooler this week...well, under 100! So, that might help a little!