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Thread: Sunshine Rewards Shopping Tips and Tricks Up

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    Post Sunshine Rewards Shopping Tips and Tricks Up

    This sticky post will serve as a central place to store your shopping tips and tricks. As new ones are discussed, I will modify this post.

    Sunshine Rewards Tips and Tricks For Getting the Most Out of Your Shopping

    1) Clear cookies before starting

    2) Do not put items in your shopping cart before clicking on the Sunshine Rewards link for a particular merchant. Some merchants will not give credit if items are in your cart before you click on our link.

    3) Only use coupon codes from Sunshine Rewards. If you use a coupon code that is listed on another website, from an email directly from a merchant, or the postal mail the merchant reserves the right not to pay a commission. You can, however, use codes that are listed on their site.

    4) Always save your confirmation emails in case we need to dispute credit with the merchant.

    5) The 10 newest coupons loaded into our database are always listed on our homepage.
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    I thought this was a good tip and one that needs to be stuck so I'm adding it on:

    From Ms. Angie our TT fighter:

    Okay, here it is, my tip for the day! Shop Quickly!! What do I mean? Well, I've found over the last couple of months that merchants are different, and one of the ways that they are different is in how long they hold or record or validate (whatever) your cookie. Some merchants will recognize your click to them from SR for as little as an hour. SO, if you go to a site and don't know what you want, look around awhile, get distracted by the kids, finish dinner, etc. etc. and then checkout, the merchant has already forgotten who you are and where you came from. They are excited to have the sale, but they do not have any feedback that links you to us so that we get credit that we can then share with you. AND no credit to SR means no reward to you! We personally do not want that to happen. We want to see you get the credits you deserve.

    Your best bet is to know what you want/need, click on the desired merchant through SR, put what you want/need in the cart, and check out! Sometimes I visit a merchant two or three times before I actually make a purchase so that I have time to look at prices, sizes, accessories, etc. When the time comes to purchase, I know exactly what I want/need, I can go quickly and not be distracted, checkout and move on.

    Now this doesn't mean that you have to go at lightening speed. It just means that you need to remember the time factor. Feel free to look around, browse, and enjoy yourself, just be aware that your cookie can and sometimes does expire if you take too long!
    Sunshine Rewards

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