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Thread: Hanging Tough in San Antonio

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    You know I didn't notice a scream level variance for any of them. It was just all screaming all the time.

    I think Jon does have some anxiety/stage fright issues which would explain the no solo part but c'mon can't you at least speak in the mike and say hey yall.

    I was surprised to read on their website that Donnie was the holdout on a reunion for many years. Like he was the one that didn't want to do it and it wasn't until he heard that click song that he was even interested in doing it again. For some reason I thought Jon and his issues might have been the hold up.
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    Well there used to be a show on VH1 that was called like "Bringing back the band" & the show would go to each of the band members & ask them to do a reunion...Danny was the hold out then. Everyone else was onboard. I didn't know that about Donnie...maybe he was thinking it would interfere w/his movies??
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