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Thread: Wii Game Review Thread?

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    I got Wii Fit Plus today. All of my Wii Fit data was automatically transferred when my save file was created. That was really nice. It still has all the original Wii Fit stuff, plus the 15 or so new ones and new yoga and strength exercises. I like the upgrades, and that I can still play my favorites. It also unlocked the few things I never did unlock on the original Wii Fit when I transferred my data. Definitely worth the extra $20 so far. I also like that you can see how many calories were burned in each activity.

    I also got the step rider thing for Wii Fit today at Best Buy and then proceeded to try Advanced Step with it. I don't think that's such a good idea, however, it does look like it will give you more of a workout in Free step.
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    Picked up "Just Dance" from Best Buy store pick-up yesterday, and put it in for 45 min or so last night with dd and dh.

    It was a blast, and can be a really great workout! I am looking forward to playing it more over the weekend!!
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