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Thread: Threads and Posts regarding Surveys

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    Default Threads and Posts regarding Surveys

    In an effort to be more positive and encouraging in the forums and especially regarding surveys threads, posts regarding things that SR does not have control over such as crediting, qualifications, and general complaining about surveys will not be tolerated and will be deleted upon review by mods and SR owners. SR has no control over these items and cannot do anything about it since they are run by another company. Additionally, advertisers and merchants do read the threads and if they see a constant stream of negativity and complaining they will remove their product from SR which hurts ALL members.

    Technical issues that can be reported to Greenfield such as a survey video not loading will be accepted in the Technical Issues section of the board and through the Report a Survey link on the survey page.

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    Here's some new information from Greenfield that will hopefully help some of you with your survey taking:

    Member issues:

    Due to panelists issues (ex: blank page, hanging, etc), the engineering team has created a page that will help the user ?test? their system for compatibility issues and it will give them instructions on what they should send to us if/when the test fails. It will also ask the panelist to capture screenshots if necessary to include in the email and provides the panelist with instructions on how to take screenshots and attach them.

    Here is the test page:

    Specific items we need done through this link:

    1) We need the screenshot of the output of the starttestpage that shows all were successful as well.
    2) Please ask the user to click on ?submit? for review checkbox as well ? that will send some technical info to our panelistissues mailbox. Please tell us after this has been done that so we can check that mailbox.

    **One major well-known problem. In respondent running tasks is something called opnsqr.exe. That is probably what is preventing most people from getting to surveys as we?ve seen this in the past and when users removed/uninstalled it, they were able to take surveys again successfully.

    From the opinion square website:

    Why should I install the OpinionSquare software? What does it do?
    Installing the OpinionSquare software increases your eligibility for surveys. Like Amazon's recommendations to members, one of the functions of our software is to help us send you the surveys of most interest to you. It monitors your Internet surfing and provides you with surveys which are most relevant to the services/products you use. In addition, we combine your Internet surfing data that we track with other OpinionSquare members' data to create an overall (and anonymous!) understanding of Internet usage and e-commerce. Our goal is to understand Internet users browsing and buying habits, but never to influence them or interfere with your Internet activities. For this reason, we do not advertise on our site nor do we release your name or other contact information to third parties for direct marketing purposes. If you would like to learn more about the type of information we collect, how we collect it and/or how we use this data, please visit our Privacy Policy & ULA.

    **Right here it says it ?monitors? your surfing and it does that by rerouting traffic through their tool so it?s like a hidden browser interfering with our ability to communicate back to the respondent?s browser and send them to surveys in our system.

    **And there is information on how to remove the program here:

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    Here's a little more information from Greenfield that might be of help to some of you:

    **Another software that has contributed to survey issues is ShopAtHome:

    ShopAtHomeSelect(SelectRebates.exe) Agent (also known as ShopAtHome) is an adware application designed to infiltrate a computer and collect information regarding Internet browsing habits, and then send this data to an unauthorized user at a remote server. ShopAtHomeSelect Agent may also cause a redirection of Internet activity to unwelcome websites and generate obsessive pop-up advertisements.


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