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Thread: New Survey Opportunity Tip Thread Outdated - UPDATED 10/11/10

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    on IE you go to Tools, then Interent Options, then delete cookies. not sure if it's different for Firefox or Chrome.
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    Hi SR Gang... I'm trying to get back into the swing of surveys. I've been seriously slacking I found this part after the fact, and was wondering if I can still change users. I did an SSI one day and an SSI2 another day (so only 2 in total). Only I used my info for both. Would it be ok to switch to me SSI and Ra SSI2 (that is what we do for Greenfield Daily & Your2Cents) and continue with that from here on out, since I have only done 2 so far? Or am I stuck with me doing both. Either way ok, any survey $$ is good $$. Thanks for any help!

    "2. SSI and SSI 2 are the same survey company - different links. Please use the method noted in #1 above to maximize your survey opportunities. Only 1 survey per person, per link. There is some tracking mechanism on these so keep the same person doing the same survey link - don't mix it up. You MUST clear cookies between doing the SSI and SSI2."
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