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Thread: Off-Season Travel Tips: Explore Europe & the Mediterranean in the Fall

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    Default Off-Season Travel Tips: Explore Europe & the Mediterranean in the Fall

    CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The travel experts at Go Ahead Tours, a leader in cultural discovery through guided tours and global journeys, have this travel advice: fall is the ideal time to plan a trip to Europe and the Mediterranean. They’re also backing it up with some very good price reductions on selected tours to Greece, France, Italy and costa del sol Spain.
    According to Go Ahead, here are a few reasons that visiting Europe and the Mediterranean in the fall is ideal:
    * Off-Season Rates: Peak season means peak prices. As tourism slows in autumn, so do the prices. Group tours to Mediterranean destinations can go down 20% or more between July/Aug and Oct/Nov.
    * Comfortable Climate: In general, summers are hot and humid in many Mediterranean/European destinations (Rome’s average temperature in July is 83o F), while the autumn brings pleasantly mild temperatures (Rome in October is 71o F); very comfortable for exploring cities or walking the country-side.
    * Less Crowds: Peak season can mean long lines and rushed natives. Off-season travelers can be rewarded by a more leisurely pace and, oftentimes, more helpful, friendly ‘locals’.
    * Fall Festivals: The fall harvest is the traditional time for festivals – release of new wine vintages, olive harvests, holiday marketplaces – it’s a great time to enjoy seasonal culture experiences.

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