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Thread: Getting Home from Chicago

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    Default Getting Home from Chicago

    So we arrived in Chicago today....barely! We are doing the Medieval dinner thing tonight. The problem? We can't get home! 80/94 is flooded COMPLETLY Eastbound. Does anyone know a way to get from Chicago to Indianapolis without taking 80/94?

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    That stinks!

    Have you tried doing a mapquest and check the avoid highway button. Hee is what I cam up with when I did it for general Chicago - Indianapolis.

    1: Start out going EAST on W COURT PL toward N LASALLE ST. <0.1 miles Map

    2: Turn RIGHT onto N LASALLE ST. 0.3 miles Map

    3: Turn LEFT onto W JACKSON BLVD. 0.4 miles Map

    4: W JACKSON BLVD becomes E JACKSON DR. 0.3 miles Map

    5: Turn RIGHT onto S LAKE SHORE DR / US-41 S. Continue to follow US-41 S. 7.7 miles Map

    6: Stay STRAIGHT to go onto S JEFFERY DR. 0.1 miles Map

    7: S JEFFERY DR becomes S JEFFERY BLVD. 1.0 miles Map

    8: Turn RIGHT onto E 75TH ST. 0.5 miles Map

    9: Turn LEFT onto S STONY ISLAND AVE. 0.1 miles Map

    10: Turn SLIGHT LEFT to take the CHICAGO SKYWAY ramp toward INDIANA TOLL ROAD. <0.1 miles Map

    11: Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto S STONY ISLAND AVE. 0.2 miles Map

    12: Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto S SOUTH CHICAGO AVE. 2.8 miles Map

    13: Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto E 95TH ST / US-12 / US-20. 0.4 miles Map

    14: Turn RIGHT onto S EWING AVE / US-12 / US-20 / US-41. 0.7 miles Map

    15: Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto S INDIANAPOLIS AVE / US-12 E / US-20 E / US-41 S. Continue to follow US-12 E / US-20 E / US-41 S (Crossing into INDIANA). 2.2 miles Map

    16: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto US-41 / S CALUMET AVE. 5.1 miles Map

    17: Turn LEFT onto E SUMMER ST. 1.7 miles Map

    18: Turn RIGHT onto INDIANAPOLIS BLVD / IN-152 S. Continue to follow INDIANAPOLIS BLVD. 7.7 miles Map

    19: Turn LEFT onto US-30 / W LINCOLN HWY. Continue to follow US-30 E. 63.8 miles Map

    20: Merge onto US-31 S toward INDIANAPOLIS. 113.5 miles Map

    21: Stay STRAIGHT to go onto N MERIDIAN ST. 0.4 miles Map

    22: Enter next MONUMENT CIR roundabout. 0.1 miles Map

    23: End at Indianapolis, IN US Map

    Total Est. Time: 4 hours, 36 minutes Total Est. Distance: 210.03 miles

    Enjoy your evening! I hope you have a smooth trip home!
    Sunshine Rewards


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