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Thread: Anyone Zumba yet? I did it last night!!!

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    Oh I finally pulled out the Zumba Fitness DVDs. I started with the 50 minute cardio party because I thought I knew enough to skip over the beginning dvd and move straight into the lose a dress size program. Umm probably not a good idea. It was very fast paced but it was easy enough to keep up with. My only complaint is that the dvd from what I could see with this one (again it was cardio party and it was suppose to focus on cardio) is that there wasn't any slow songs thrown in to help you recover from the fast songs. So I did have to take a few water breaks and pause the dvd. Overall a good buy and something I'll keep using.
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    I like when my instructor tells me which muscles I should be feeling the burn in. For some reason, it helps me to be able to focus on them better and get more out of the workout.

    Cate, I don't think I could make it through without any slow songs! I do grab a sip of water pretty much after every single song, unlike most of the other exercise that I do. But I really count on those easier songs to get me through the hour. LOL!


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