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Thread: Awesome Limited Time VistaPrint Offer

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    Quote Originally Posted by SunshineGirl View Post
    You got a credit for the Personalization Mall offer, right? We ran those through the exact same company. We're not showing any credits that came in at all on this one without subids, and we show quite a few credits for the 11th. It makes me angry, too, because I know that it means we are losing money and it could be quite a bit. The part of this business that I like the least is that advertisers can get away with not paying us and there is virtually nothing we can do about it except just not run offers with them anymore.

    GGRRRRRR.... Were there more than 2 of you from the 11th?
    Actually, it looks like there were a total of 3 people posting in this thread who didn't get pending credits from orders placed on the 11th. Yes, I had no problem getting the Personalization Mall offer.
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    I ordered from Personalization Mall and did the Vista Print Offer both on the 11th. I have not gotten credit for either one.

    I have gotten credit from Vista Print in the past and I am using the same computer with the same settings.
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