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Thread: Rain, Heat and Meltdowns- a typical June day at Disney

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    Monday morning it was time to head for the airport and go home. When we got to the airport and tried to return our rental car there was some sort of problem so they asked us to go to the Alamo counter to get things figured out. It turned out there was a problem with their computer system and it wouldn't recognize the car we were returning. It took about 15 minutes to get things straightened out and the guy we dealt with apologized over and over again for the inconvenience. In the end he gave us another $30 off the rental price for our troubles. So the car I originally got for $76 dollars for the week was now only $46. WooHoo! After that we had an uneventful flight home and life was back to normal.

    A few final thoughts:

    I love the Boardwalk! It's my new favorite Disney hotel and I would love to stay there again. Although unless I get another deal (we had 40% off this time) I know its not in our budget to stay there at full price.

    Ohana is my new favorite restaurant and we will definitely go there again.

    I'm a little bummed that we never made it to Downtown Disney but for the most part we did everything that we wanted to do. And what we didn't get to will hopefully still be there next year for us.

    We had a few battles this trip with moods and attitude but did our best to overcome them. I'm coming to realize that there comes a point when your child doesn't want to spend every waking moment with you. I think next year DS will bring a friend along which should help us all keep our sanity.

    And finally, a few more Boardwalk pics.

    The lobby

    The Boardwalk shops

    View of Spaceship Earth from Boardwalk

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    I enjoyed reading your TR. I can't wait until it's my turn

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    Default !!

    Great report!! We haven't taken a real trip to WDW in years - we live 40 minutes from DL but it's just not the same!! Don't get me wrong - I love being able to go to DL and spend the day but I really miss the trips we took to WDW!! And I don't think that there is a trip in our future - it's time to start visiting other places!!

    Loved your final pictures of the Boardwalk - beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!
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    love the update! thanks for sharing! Looks like ds spent a small fortune on his gf! Hope she appreciates him! Glad you had a good time but I agree that it would probably be more fun for all of you if ds had a buddy next time around...would keep the mood lighter in any case perhaps? It's beyond me how anyone can not have a good time at the happiest place on earth but I have a preteen dd and I am hoping and praying she doesn't go hormonal on us while we are on our first trip otherwise it will likely be our last.
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