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Thread: Sunshine Rewards Forum Rules--Read First!

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    Post Sunshine Rewards Forum Rules--Read First!

    Forum Rules for Sunshine Rewards

    General Rules:
    1) Do not spam the board. This includes posting advertisements, links to other sites where you are promoting other rewards programs, and posting the same message in multiple places.
    2) Be courteous. Do not flame other members of the board or curse. Do not threaten other members of the board or the Sunshine Rewards staff.
    3) No “adult” content. This forum is open to the general public, including children.
    4) If you are banned, you are banned permanently. Do not attempt to sign up with a different alias.
    5) No illegal content. Do not discuss illegal topics such as how to defraud companies, obtain illegal software, etc.
    6) Search the forum before asking questions. The Sunshine Rewards forum is enabled with a search function. Because it is likely that your question has been asked before, please use the search function before asking your questions.

    Sunshine Rewards Specific Rules:

    1) Do not discuss canceling trial offers. Our advertisers do not take kindly to members signing up and canceling quickly. We risk not only losing the offer but also any credits that we have already been given.
    2) Do not ask for credits.If you do not receive credit for an offer or shopping, the proper place to request credit is through a Trouble Ticket. Please do not talk about individual credit problems in the forums.
    3) Do not discuss other rewards sites.This forum is paid for and administrated by Sunshine Rewards. Discussion of other rewards sites (good or bad) will be deleted.

    1) Links. Signatures cannot contain referral links to other rewards sites or to for-profit sites. You may link to your Myspace, a blog, or a personal page. However, no advertising.
    2) Graphics. Graphics must be no larger than 500 pixels wide and 200 pixels high. In addition, you must not have more than 3 graphics in your signature total.

    Sunshine Rewards maintains the right to alter these rules at any time.

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    In light of the recent number of posts concerning shopping credits and wait times please refer to Rule #2 above under the Sunshine Rewards Specific Rules section before posting crediting questions.

    This rule was placed into effect since numerous merchants and advertisers visit the forums and get rather upset when they see questions concerning crediting issues.
    Sunshine Rewards


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