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Thread: June 2011 Eastern Caribbean Cruise highlights

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    I read your TR over the weekend, but I was on my IPad and I type like a drunken soldier-or the keyboard really sucks. It tries to be user friendly and it types in words that you do not want.

    Anyhow, I really enjoyed your Cruise Ship adventures. I didn't know RCCL had a private island in the Bahama's. I thought only in Haiti.

    I never was adventurious enough to go on the FlowRider or climb the rock wall. Half the time the rock wall wasn't even open. I wonder if they had to keep it closed while we cruised.

    So, which did you like better-the Eastern Cruise or the Wester Cruise. I'm sure both had it's advantages and dis-advantages.
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    After watching Samantha Brown's tv special on the Freedom of the Seas I knew I could probably try the Flow Rider at least once. It seemed less scary than the rock wall. When I found out they had boogie boarding I was even happier because that I could actually manage. I took one look at Mike trying to stand and surf and knew that wasn't going to be me. LOL

    The rock wall I thought I was going to give it a go this time. But I psyched myself out by the time we got to it. I became really insecure about my lack of upper body strength (which is not required at all) and my weight. I also didn't want to risk not being able to do it so I didn't try. I've decided next year though I will give it a go no matter what.

    Now about the cruises. I liked each for different reasons.

    Eastern Caribbean - I really enjoyed the Bahamas and St. Thomas. The boat was also larger and had the added plus of the flow rider. The downside was our disappointment in our excursion in St. Maarten (I just think we picked the wrong one) and just the apathetic crew on the ship. It seemed like everyone but our waiter was just going through the motions.

    Western Caribbean - With this one I really am not impressed with the stops offered. It is mainly Jamaica, Haiti, and Mexico sprinkled every now and then with Belize and Honduras. The boat is also smaller with no Flow Rider. That said, I felt the on board experience was just fantastic and Mike and I had a blast on and off shore.

    So I think we'll continue to do both just because it is silly to fly over to Florida so much when we have a port 45 minutes away in Galveston. I'd probably pick the cruise that goes to Honduras, Belize, and 1 stop in Mexico that we could skip. We just refuse to go to Mexico in the current state that it is in.
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