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Thread: Critique my parents-only trip!

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    Default Critique my parents-only trip!

    I am tentatively planning a quick getaway for DH and me in early May to use airline vouchers that will otherwise expire... how do these plans sound?

    May 3-6 / Pop Century / Standard (king?) Room
    MYW with free Park Hopper upgrade (no dining plan)


    Ar. MCO 6:50 p.m.
    Magical Express to Pop
    CS dinner or get pizza after checking in


    Bus to DAK for 8:30 breakfast at Rainforest Cafe
    Morning @ Animal Kingdom (Expedition Everest!)
    and ???
    Bus to Pop around lunchtime and rest/nap/swim

    ?? to WL for 5:50 dinner at Artist Point
    Boat to Magic Kingdom (PM EMH - open till 2a)
    Spectro at 9 & 11
    Wishes at 10
    Bus to Pop


    Bus to Epcot when we get up -- spend most of day (Flower & Garden Festival)
    Eat around the World (CS) for breakfast/lunch & dinner

    Hop (bus or boat?) to Hollywood Studios (PM EMH - open till 1a)
    Ride Rock 'n Roller Coaster and TOT
    Fantasmic at 10:30
    Bus to Pop


    Sleep in, check out at 11, taxi to Budget car rental at DTD, pick up car
    Lunch at Earl of Sandwich, shop a bit, get ice cream at Ghirardelli
    Drive to Tampa/Clearwater airport
    Return car
    Fly home on USA3000 at 8:55p

    I've figured out the budget, reserved the car, made 2 ADRs, and have a package on hold. All that remains is to confirm child/pet care and arrange to be off work for 2 days, and then I'll book the airlines. And figure out a way to make sure the kids (8 & 10) will forgive us for going to WDW by ourselves. I'm going to play up the "you'll be bored... we only want to look at flowers and shop" angle, so hopefully it will work out. We've traveled alone before (not in the last 5 years though) but never to anyplace they know they'd like to go, too!

    So any input on my jam-packed schedule would be appreciated! Also comments on Artist Point for dinner? I was originally thinking California Grill but there really doesn't seem to be much on the menu that appeals to me and AP sounds better.

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    I think it sounds great! You hit a lot of things in a shirt time but without the kids it will be easy!

    As for CG vs AP...we love CG yet our BFs love Artist Palate. Everybody has their own taste...definitely wise to check out menus beforehand.

    ETA - I would probably take a cab from your resort to WL. For the few dollars you will spend, you will not lose a lot of time traveling to a park or DTD then to WL.

    I am jealous!!
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    My only concern would be that you can't get a king room guaranteed at a value, and, well, it's a child-free trip.
    Been here for almost 10 years...eep.

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    Sounds good to me! Can I come too?????
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    Sounds awesome!! Congrats!!
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