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Thread: Fisrt time using a wheelchair in the parks

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    Default Fisrt time using a wheelchair in the parks

    Good morning everybody! I'm hoping someone can help with this. We are going to Disney this coming Feb to see my niece in the Main St parade. My mom would like to be there. She hasn't been in Disney since So she has NO idea what it is like now. What I'm trying to do is get some info about her getting around. She is not confined to a chair, in fact she has never even sat in one (stubborn). Anyway, she will be able to walk on and off the bus but what she would need is a chair to get from the bus to the entrance gates. I told her that is a treck in itself..just getting to the main gates. lol. I've never had to deal with this before at DW, so I'm hoping to get some input from you guys. Thanks so much for any help. I guess to sum it all up..can you rent a chair once you get to the park and then take it to the bus so when she gets off, she can sit right in it? SO sorry this is so long.

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    Hi Karin,

    I used my wheelchair at the Disney Parks and from my experience it definitely is too long of a walk for those that may need assistance. The parks are hilly in certain areas and my family found that it was harder on them to push the manual wheelchair so by day 3 we opted to rent one of the motorized. It's very expensive but it was worth it. If your mom has a wheelchair I would suggest that she take it and then upgrade to the motorized one.

    I'm a chemo paitient and I tire very easily, so I found it necessary to use a chair while vacationing, especially in Disney!

    Hope this helps! And enjoy your trip.
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    There aren't wheelchairs at the bus stops. They do have them in the parking lot to get you to the ticket gates and then you can rent them but none at the buses.

    Are you staying onsite? Many of the Disney hotels have complimentary wheelchairs but it's first come first serve. We did that a year or so ago for my mother and we were staying at OKW. The only bad thing about it is there may not be's a chance you take.

    There are also companies that rent scooters and wheelchairs. They will have it waiting at your resort and will pick it up when you leave. The buses will accommodate a scooter or a wheelchair with no issues. Not the same thing but we used a similar company to rent a stroller and it was very easy.

    Good luck!
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    The wheelchairs you rent in the parks aren't meant to be used outside the entrance gates. If you think she'll need a wheelchair everywhere, I'd also recommend renting one from an offsite company, and then you can use it at the hotel, outside the parks, and inside the parks.

    If she still grocery shops on her own, she might be okay from the bus stop to the gates. Just take it easy. The weather in February should be fairly good, not a lot of heat or humidity to zap your strength.


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