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Thread: Cozumel, Costa Maya & Grand Cayman excursions

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    Default Cozumel, Costa Maya & Grand Cayman excursions

    Does anyone have any suggestions or comments on the excursions to these ports? We are going on the Fantasy July 7th and I usually don't get off the ship but since we are travelling with friends they want to give the excursions a try. I can't believe how excited I am getting about this cruise.
    Thanks bs4free!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MdCaterer View Post
    Does anyone have any suggestions or comments on the excursions to these ports? We are going on the Fantasy July 7th and I usually don't get off the ship but since we are travelling with friends they want to give the excursions a try. I can't believe how excited I am getting about this cruise.
    I never take an excursion in Cozumel........just shop, but I hear the beaches are nice, especially if you want to snorkel.

    I love the Island tour in Grand Cayman that includes the Turtle Farm. It also stops in Hell, a bizarre looking landscape. I've been on that excursion several times. If you would like to go on a pirate excursion, I think the Jolly Roger (or some such name) takes adults out for a BIG party. I've been on board the cruise ship a few times as it's unloading. I was literally sitting at the ship's pool once when the elevator door opened, a couple fresh from the pirate ship stepped out quite drunk (an understatement) and jumped right into the pool fully clothed, lol! If partying is not your thing, it is also a lot of fun to walk around town. Make sure you taste the different flavors of rum cake. There are abundant taxis right when you come to shore take can take you on any excursion you want probably a lot cheaper than those run by the ship. I would personally not have a problem with hiring a taxi at that port. There are also some great beaches there, too.

    Can't help you with Costa Maya. I was there years ago and there was hardly anything there. They took me on an excursion to their "town" which had hundreds of tables lining a dirt road with the townspeople selling their wares. I was not impressed. I have heard they have built up a little since. However, if the ship docks at the same place, you are literally at a nice beach with a pool. Hopefully my description is accurate as I haven't been there for at least 10 years or more.

    Whatever you do, have a great time!
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    We've been on that itinerary a few times.

    When we were in Costa Maya, we took the excursion to the ruins. Found it interesting and just the right length. When we returned, we went to the "little" beach town (don't blink), had lunch and beers on the beach.

    In Cozumel, we took a cab to a beach north of the city. It was cheap to get in (maybe $10) and you had lounge chairs, waiters, decently priced tasty food and water features to play on. So much cheaper than the beach excursion offered on the trip.

    In Grand Cayman, one of the most popular excursions is a trip to Stingray City, which our daughter didn't want to do. I'd def do it if we go back. We took a cab to the turtle farm and to a beach very close to the butterfly farm. Beautiful and very easy to find a cab to take you there at a lot less $.

    Check out and look for ports - all the tips you need are right there. Have fun!
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    I have been to Grand Cayman's 4 times and 2 of those times we did swimming with the stingrays with a company called Nativeways. They are fabulous. We would go with them easily a 3rd time.
    The beach there is called 7 mile beach and it is nice also.

    Costa Maya, has a nice cruise port full of shops and swim up bars, beach chairs for free. We have taken taxis into a little town called Mahjual. Sat in one of the little beach bars along the side and ate the best salsa guac and chips. If you order food or a drink/beer, the chairs are free. We have also stayed in town and done the beach bars but it gets packed and the music/bands play all day.

    Cozumel has a beach down the way called Paradise beach. Tom is the mgr. He is from Canada. (He may have left as of now though) We love it there and have been 4 or 5 times. Beach, pool and awesome food. Reasonable prices also. Taxi to get there is about 13 each? As far as I remember.

    Have fun. We cruise 2x a year, so if you ever need help just email me. I never mind helping. If I can.. lol
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    I'm thinking that these may be the ports for our next cruise as well?? I need to check on that! We did this itinerary once but our kids were really young so we only did a very little bit. I think we got drinks in Cozumel and shopped a bit. We did the ruins in Costa Maya and that was cool. I want to incorporate the kids more this time so that they can see something besides the boat. They'll be 10 and 12. So I'm thinking maybe the ruins and a beach?

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    We were in Costa Maya in April 2009 and it scared the crap out of us. To many guys walking around armed with machine guns for my liking. The middle of the highway "security" checks were a little unnerving as well. We went zip lining for the excursion there. We probably won't get off the boat if we ever have that port on an itenerary again. I believe it is a fairly new port (or maybe just reopened) so it was not as built up as other ports in the Caribbean so there wasn't really anything to do and we ended up on the boat fairly early.

    Cozumel on the other hand was really nice. We went to an all inclusive beach and ate and drank all day. Included in the package was non-motorized beach toys, lunch, and unlimited beer & rum punch (maybe?) The port was really nice so we hung out there for a bit after the beach and we didn't notice any guns or scary looking people/places.

    I haven't been to the other port. Our 3rd stop on the cruise I referenced was in Honduras. I think now Royal Caribbean skips Costa Maya and goes to Belize instead.
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