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Thread: HELP! I think I really messed up!

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    Default HELP! I think I really messed up!

    I finally earned $100 and I accidentally clicked "cash out" which I believe goes to a paypall account. I do no want my money to go to a paypall account. What I really want to receive is a Disney Gift Card. I really messed up, what do I do to correct this?:

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    Ok, I don't think you actually did anything, so that's good! I looked around on my page to verify that I have to be able to confirm my choice somehow.

    On the SR page, hover over the Rewards tab.
    Click Gift Cards.
    There should be several for Disney and Amazon listed. Some will not have an active button to push if you don't have enough for them.
    Make your selection there.

    Just clicking Request Payment from Paypal requires you to enter how much you want, which is why I don't think you actually did anything to your account. Check your balance to be sure.

    Congrats on your first $100!
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