So I got a new computer and I have started off taking surveys again and I think I might have something set wrong. I know what I had to change in the past to get things to credit but I wonder if the newer computers have something else. I have my internet explorer settings set to accept third party cookies and all. For some reason SSI isn't crediting for me. I have taken 2 today and 1 the other day and none credited. I have taken DS, Livesample and my view that have credited. When I try to take an AMP or AMP2 it tells me that my cookies are blocked but I know they aren't because I have checked them a bunch of time. When I try to take a surveyhead i go through the questions and the captcha code and it goes directly to a blue closed survey screen everytime the other day and today. Seems something must be set wrong on this new computer but I just can't figure out what it is. I also noticed that I have an account for something totally unrelated that when I sign in it continually goes back to the sign on screen yet when I sign on from a different computer it signs in just fine. Sounds like a setting right? Any ideas?