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Thread: Introduce Your Business

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    I don't have a business to promote, I just have me. I recently decided to follow a life long dream of mine to become an author. I've been researching indie authors and self publishing and it seems like this is the time for me to go for it. So now that I have all my different social media links set up I'm working on gaining followers. I know I haven't been in the forum in quite awhile, but I couldn't forget about my fellow Sunshiners. So come join me, if you feel so inclined.


    Thank you everyone for any and all support in helping me begin this new journey.

    Lisa Royea

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    Default Jewelry in Candles

    I hope it is still ok to post in this thread, I noticed it has been awhile since anyone has posted anything. Thanks for letting us do this!

    I sell the hot new thing, Jewelry in Candles. Every candle has some kind of jewelry hidden inside. As the candle burns the surprise is revealed. The jewelry can have a value anywhere from $10 to $1000+! You can choose if you want earrings, necklace or rings and even the ring size!

    You can save 20% on your first time purchase with the code: shopwithme

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    Default Shakeology

    Hey Everyone!

    I wanted to share with you all and put it out there that I am currently a beach body coach and enjoying the health benefits of shakeology. I have lost 8 lbs and many inches and feel great with a ton of energy. I am looking to grow me team so I wanted to reach out to everyone to see if I can help you with your health and wellness journey as well! Let me know if I can help anyone And dont let the price scare you, if you buy from me you can get 25% discount
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