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Thread: Last Minute, Ambush Birthday Trip!!

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    Default Last Minute, Ambush Birthday Trip!!

    DH and i have decided to take DD14 on a (almost) spur-of-the-moment, ambush birthday trip to wdw next month! i'd been wracking my brain trying to figure out what to do, when it hit me -

    when we go to wdw, we usually drive at night, and leave home about 8:00pm. DD's birthday is on a saturday, and the friday night before is a home football game, so, if we needed to, i could ask the band director to excuse her after the halftime show, so that we could leave almost on time. DH is working first shift that week, with no mandatory overtime that saturday, so it's PERFECT!

    we get there about 6:30am, check in at pop century and go drop off our luggage (if the room is ready), then head to the magic kingdom for the day. there's a MNSSHP the night before, so MK shouldn't be too crowded that day! we'll do lunch at crystal palace (our favorite) with a small, wdw bakery birthday cake, then spend a night at wdw, and leave to head back home the next morning!

    yes, i know, it's only one day, so it's kind of nuts, but DD14 would LOVE it! and so would mom and dad!

    what do y'all think? (i've already requested a quote from MU!)

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    That sounds like it would be a fabulous birthday weekend! I know my DD12 would love to spend her birthday at WDW. That will be a birthday celebration your daughter will never forget!

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    A great Birthday Surprise for your daughter, what a treat to jet away for a magical day for your daughters special day.
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