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Thread: So who is actually doing Weight Watchers now?

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    Default So who is actually doing Weight Watchers now?

    I'm so happy to find this board!

    I have been doing WW since July with a goal of losing 40 pounds before an international trip in November. I hit 30 pounds last week, so it's definitely possible. It's getting harder and harder, though, especially now that summer fruits are gone. I'm a Lifetime member who isn't anywhere near goal. I've tried to get back down several times and always quit around four months/30 pounds, which is where I am now. I'm really determined this time (I think).

    Thanks for posting the recipes! I'll try to return the favor soon.

    One good thing, though -- I just did my Super Member review for Lane Bryant. I'm not sure I'll even fit in their clothes next quarter!

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    My MIL and SIL are doing it, and so far I think they've both been pretty successful with it.

    Just wanted to congratulate you on your success so far the progress you'll have in the future!

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    The last post in this thread is kinda old...just started WW online, is anyone else doing the program?

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    I am doing WW on line. I have done this several times and if you stick with it, it works. I am trying this time with a friend at work. We plan to support each other. I am down 26 pounds. Good luck to you!!!

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    almost 3 years later - I am!

    I need to lose 50 pounds, AT LEAST. I'm 2 pounds closer than I was last week.


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