We just got back Saturday night from a six night stay at the Yacht Club. Unpacking is such a downer, isn't it??!! Nowhere near as much fun as packing & getting ready to go lol. We were celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary and had a wonderful time. This was my 2nd stay at the YC and it is quickly becoming my new favorite resort. Not only is it a beautiful resort with a nautical theme that we really like, but the location is great. It is so convenient to walk to Epcot and the Friendship boats are a relaxing way to travel to Hollywood Studios. We sprung for the lagoon view this trip and it is was well worth it. Our room was on the fourth floor directly over the gazebo and looking out on to the marina and across to the Boardwalk. It was especially pretty at night with the Boardwalk all lit up. While it was a little colder than we would have liked, it was warm enough to sit out by Stormalong Bay a couple days and enjoy some drinks. We are empty nesters now, but it looks like that would be a really cool pool for kids. Also, we rented a Sea Raycer from their marina one afternoon and enjoyed that outing as well. I would definitely recommend the Yacht Club and plan to stay there again.

So now it is time to get back to surveys and other SR earning opportunities to fund my next Disney trip!