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Thread: So...holidays....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blessing and Miracle View Post
    That's a good question! I have no idea. I haven't started yet and normally I would have by now. My oldest son is getting married on November 2, and so I've been busy with that and quite excited but...I think I will buy the twins a nook or kindle fire. Probably one for grand daughter as well. Four older kids will probably get GC's.
    How exciting....a wedding! Congratulations! Enjoy!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mmm611 View Post
    The brothers want to get the parents a bigger TV, so that's their big thing from all of us.They think their TV looks tiny in the nice TV stand we got them last year.

    Got Dad a carryon suitcase from a garage sale (they had to borrow mine this year).
    Got Mom a snail tape measure and a couple of sewing patterns. The idea is to make one of the snail items from the patterns....I may just give her the patterns instead and let her make them herself.
    Brother 1 & wife are getting a quilt I'm making. They like lions. The name of the quilt pattern is Ludwig Lion. I think that is a stupid name and have renamed him Ludwig von Koopa, in honor of Super Mario Bros. Also got them a small ornament.

    Brother 2....I'm thinking Entertainment book. In light of their bankruptcy, I'm not so sure about this now.

    Brother 3....he's the one I need a list for. He did say he wants Wreck it Ralph, so might get that and some lottery tix to even him up with Bro 2.

    All 3 brothers: OSU duct tape for the first two, bacon duct tape for the third.

    Aunt & uncle: The quilt that was going to be for Grandma.

    Everyone: My grandma passed away in May. Grandpa's been gone for a while. I'm planning on doing a Grandma, Grandpa & me book for everyone, where the "me" part is the recipient---myself, my 3 brothers, my dad and his two brothers, and my cousin. I have the photos saved on my computer, but not quite ready to order yet. I'm looking for some awesome photobook deals....Snapfish has had some recently with buy one, get 2 free.
    Just found out you can use code PUMPKIN to get 50% off photo books at Shutterfly through Nov. 3.

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    Thanks Tricia! I had to extend my picture gathering deadline since I have 3 people who finally started looking. I think I definitely will be ordering in November sometime so they arrive in time, but I'm hoping to wait until the Christmas contest starts!
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