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Thread: Sunshine Daughter Sings!

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    Default Sunshine Daughter Sings!

    For those of you who have seen Jillian since she was just a wee little girl making videos for us about baby dolls and backpacks, here she is last night at her Junior High talent show:

    I am just so dang proud of her. I always loved performing when I was younger but never had anywhere near her confidence at 12 years old!

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    LOL. Oh my God that was awesome! I laughed and I cried. She has gotten so big and she's beautiful, Tricia! You should be very proud!

    I couldn't have picked a better day to listen to your baby. I truly needed to hear those inspirational words today! Perfect timing! And the girls were singing it right along with her. LOL. I was even more amazed at them knowing it as well.

    Wow how time flies!

    Great Job, Little Sunshine Girl!
    Sunshine Rewards


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