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Thread: Greenfield/Toluna Surveys (Official Thread)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mellymel261 View Post
    Tonight LIVE, MTC and 1 larger ON didnt credit, is there an issue today with credits? I am annoyed I barely get any surveys anymore and tonight I have a "good" night and nothing credits
    I had no issues today with GF,2Cents, MTC,Live or Global. I use Ccleaner after every survey clears that I complete. I am wondering if you both did that today? I read Scard cleared cookies, if you used the same email that could be the issue, thought you already had credit today. When surveys do not credit it usually effects most of us, since I know you are having issues with credit lately, I think its time for you to change things up, try a different computer or a different email. Clean your computer after every survey credits, I find this works best for me. Cube is the issue for me now, and it seems we are not getting any resolutions there, yet everyday I get a survey from there panel just do not do them.


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    DS was red but thought i would give it a try;nothing else to try. completed one on wine, got the correct page at the end and no credit.

    I have a Toluna account (an offer from SR); I'd prefer to do them here, but if they aren't crediting I may consider switching
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