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Thread: YourSurveys (Official Thread)

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    I completed YS around 6:30-7AM this morning and no credit at 7:16 or 8:16. Just looked now and:

    #3222170 Credit: YourSurveys (Daily Survey) 10/10/2017 0.50 Credits 10/10/2017 Paid

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCard View Post
    ON I still see a lot of surveys so I assume I am not blocked. Last night I clicked into 5-6 and got kicked out of everyone with the immediate message "your profile does not match"... The number I get into is at best 10-20% of what is used to be. But I do a lot of surveys so maybe that is part of it. What I have never understood is if my profile does not match why are they even on my list; I filled out the profile questions.

    Say So I have given up on. I try a few and almost everyone ends up with questions about illnesses and medical conditions.

    The surveys I have done with in the past I try even if they are red

    JTowner and I take more surveys than any other members I would guess so maybe if there are not that many anymore and we notice it the most.

    I am not comfortable with phone app installations; I have banking and credit card apps on my phone, but that is just me.

    thank you for the explanation
    Thanks I appreciate the feedback also, whatever reason My your from yesterday credited while I was out. On always states no surveys for me, so I could be clock, say so just like Scard said, want you to be a medical, ill person to take there surveys. I never heard of half of the diseases they asked about.I am sorry to them I am healthy.



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