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    Hello everyone,

    I've been a Sunshine Rewards member for about a month now, but just registered for the forum. I'd been planning to do it for awhile, but when I noticed the survey contest, I was highly motivated to sign up since I do the surveys anyway. I've earned $73.35 so far. I started out being able to average about $5/ day, but have been having trouble the last couple of weeks qualifying for the surveys. It seems to come in groups, some days I get several, others I can't get any. I've already been banned for some reason from Live Sample even though I've never even taken a survey through them, though I noticed on the forum that several others have also been banned. I'm working for Super Member and I'm confident I will be able to make it.

    Overall, I am saving for a Disney World trip for next August. I'm super excited to have found this site and have the opportunity to both make money in my spare time FROM HOME and provide my opinions in the surveys.

    So hello everybody and I hope you are all having a wonderful day!

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    Nice to meet you.
    Been here for almost 10 years...eep.


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