It's been several years since I've had my Sunshine
Life has been interesting in our round-the-world family. Schooling and medical needs of the kiddos have been a major priorities!
Our eldest son came home at age 11. He's now almost 16 and we will always be adjusting. He loves art and soccer, definitely not school.
Next is our middle kiddo, a 15-year-old homegrown funny guy who loves gaming and band.
The "baby" in our family is now 12. She came home at age 2. Tumbling, dance, running, music, and reading keep her busy.
DH works in data and I work part-time with information.
My interests are travel, reading, music, getting together with friends and family, and walking/hiking outside when the weather here is just right.
Hopefully I'll be able to get my account reactivated!
Though I know I won't be as active as I was many years ago, I've definitely missed doing this with all of you and would love to work towards a little (someday) travel money.