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    I have to admit that I am bad about going in and looking for coupons...even though we get money for printing them. I always remember to go into my Kroger app and add digital coupons before I shop. But I don't print often.

    I thought maybe we could start a thread and post when we see something that might be good for others? It seems like their coupons are sometimes hit or miss as to whether they are good brands or really good deals. Here are a few things I printed today:

    Reynolds Oven Bag--Save .50--It's not a lot but I always buy one for my turkey anyway and have never seen generic
    Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant--Save $1---It's the only deodorant I use anymore. So this was a score!
    Marie Callendar's Pie--Save .55--Not a big savings, but I think this will be on top of the Kroger sale price
    Armour Chili--Save .40 on 2--I buy 2 of these at a time for my Velveeta Chili Dip anyway

    Not a HUGE savings. But between that and the SR credit for printing them, I'll save about $2.50.

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    I printed the Marie Callendar's one. Our Albertsons just recently started doubling coupons(up to a dollar-so this one will be an additional $.45). For Thanksgiving, their MC pies are $3.99 instead of $7.99. So, $2.99 instead of $7.99 is pretty awesome for Thanksgiving dessert. I'm doing a "semi-home-made" idea with pie. Recipe was in People magazine a couple of weeks back-adding crushed pretzels to the top of the pie-serving with vanilla ice cream.
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    0.55 off 2 Cool Whips--good for Thanksgiving!
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